Let’s learn to teach our children – 1


images (6)Its result time for many students who appeared for the various boards and entrance exams…… And each year, it is shocking to read the number of suicides committed by the young students due to fear of failure, is on the rise. Who is to blame for this grave problem…….is it the education system, parents, schools or all?


What does education mean to us? Is it a report card with high grades, or is it a journey into the world of learning, doing, understanding, experiencing the various subjects? The dictionary defines education as “the process of facilitating learning, knowledge, skills, values and habits to people through teaching, storytelling, discussion, training and research”. So do our schools have a good blend of all these ingredients to churn out a perfect recipe for gaining knowledge?

Education should enrich a person seeking it. But, are our schools really teaching their students or merely churning out products who get great marks through rote memorizing?

A young child is a bundle of curiosity. He is always inquisitive, inquiring and seeking. His questions on various things around him is never ending. His curious mind has learnt and soaked in so much before he even steps into kindergarten. Many a time parents are unable to satiate his questioning appetite. A questioning mind is very essential to understand and comprehend things

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But as the child begins his schooling, gradually his questioning mind is quietened by the school. He is told that the question does not pertain to his syllabus, so he need not learn that or it is not possible for the teacher to answer so many questions posed by the student as she will be left with no time to complete the portion. Gradually a child is taught to refrain from thinking. If the child tries to answer a question in his own words, instead of appreciating the child’s initiative, he is mostly admonished by the teacher for not writing the answer as per her notes. As the child comes to senior school he is merely writing by rote without understanding the concept related to it. There is tremendous pressure on the child from the teachers, parents, peers and it always boils down to marks.

Is this not what most of the children go through in the name of education? A penny for your thoughts!

To be continued………



4 thoughts on “Let’s learn to teach our children – 1”

  1. I agree in toto…The Indian mode of education is a farce…its criminal on a child’s innocence and consciousness…

    If parents want “intellectually enabled” rank holders they better adopt robots, rather than whip/pressurize the child through various coaching institutes and deadlines…


  2. Good point, and agree. Actually, a point to think about is also, why cramp the kids with the vast syllabus at such a young and early age. Can’t the syllabii be more relaxed, practical and also deal with emotional well being and life experiences ?


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