You let go the trigger of your words,

hitting bulls eye, it shredded my soul.

battered and betrayed

the hurt , buried deep in my heart.

for long, it lay captive in the confines

waging a lonely battle with raging emotions and angst.

rising  from the depths of anguish

it, finally  found  freedom!


Happy Father’s Day

No matter how old I grow, I will always be your little girl.♥

My love and tribute to you dear dad on Father’s Day.


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A – You are truly an  Awe inspiring personality

B – Brilliant like the dazzling sun – a perfect simile to describe your intellect

C –  Ever Caring  nature

D – Always Diplomatic in your approach

E – An Erudite person

FFavourite of all

G– You  Guide us like a beacon of light

H– What a  Handsome man you are !

I – An  Ingenious and master story teller, weaving magic with your tales

J –  Judicious in your spending

K– A very knowledgeable man

L – A Loving dad, you’ve always been  to your children

M–  Absolute Methodical planner

NNumero uno…….the one and only !!

O – You are so popular for your exemplary Oratory skills

P – A true Pal to us

Q – When in a contemplative mood you go into your “Quiet” shell

R – A man with a  Religious temperament

SSalute you, a true officer of the Indian Air Force

TTalented or multi talented?? Will pick the latter !

U Upright in your principles

V – A Voracious reader- you just love your books!

W – A Writer par excellence – you conduct a perfect symphony of thoughts and words

X –  You have an XL magnanimous heart

Y –  Youngsters look up to you for advice

Z – You are a Zealously protective Dad !



Sitting by myself on the beach

soaking in the warmth of the evening sun,

my hair dancing to the gusts of wind,

matching its steps to the musical din.

Undulating mighty waves rising high

with all its wrath and fury,

but decide to change their course

as they near  the shore,

then gently ebb to make frothy swirls

on the sands of time.

The rays of the evening sun

casting a glistening spell on the sea,

turning them into  a carpet

of shimmering diamonds, for all to see.

The sun playing hide n seek with the clouds

finally deciding to call it a day,

painting the evening sky in a crimson hue,

on its path across the horizon !

I sit there mesmerised

Admiring the vast canvas of nature

which chooses a colourful palette

to paint a picture so perfect.

from a glittering golden  glow

a few minutes ago , to the dusky beauty  now

her transformation, just magical!

I was glad to be there

to capture the artistry of the sea

In my heart forever!


IMG_20160205_084343                                      IMG_20160205_084349


This morn, at the crack of dawn

I was woken up by a sound so rare

I sat up wondering, from where?

Following the sound, I found,

A sight that left me spell-bound,

Sitting on the ledge, out of the blue

Was someone special, guess who?

A little bird, you might have seen

In the days of yore, not so any more,

A  sparrow, so cute and tiny

Calling to its friends, not too many.

Its chirpy little song, delighted me for long,

I hope you  visit me tomorrow too,

O sweet little sparrow!


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