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This morn, at the crack of dawn

I was woken up by a sound so rare

I sat up wondering, from where?

Following the sound, I found,

A sight that left me spell-bound,

Sitting on the ledge, out of the blue

Was someone special, guess who?

A little bird, you might have seen

In the days of yore, not so any more,

A  sparrow, so cute and tiny

Calling to its friends, not too many.

Its chirpy little song, delighted me for long,

I hope you  visit me tomorrow too,

O sweet little sparrow!



20 thoughts on “Sparrow”

  1. So true that there used to be lots n lots of these tiny chirpy chatterboxes earlier … But incidentally found them in quite good numbers where I stay now ….. seduced them with water n grains 😉 and ‘ve lots of them around n they do keep constant company!


      1. They talk a lot n it’s quite interesting n cute to watch them …highly active n alert almost all the time! Wishing you more wonderful times listening to their chirps!


  2. We are cutting down forests and building jungles of concrete.

    In cities due scarcity of trees birds find it difficult to find even a good tree where they can build thier own nests.

    So when a sparrow or a piegeon builds a nest in our window or in a house and eggs have been laid don’t destroy it.

    I would like to add a few stanzas on this.

    Thety make cozy nests in my dining hall,
    Not bothered whether dwellers are big and tall.

    In them, the newborns cry in rhythmic tune,
    Make unending demands as they are never full.

    With parents busy scavenging and hunting,
    We peep in to find “how different are those being?”

    “We are born fragile and afraid,
    Not knowing what lies ahead,
    Our parents feed and protect us,
    Able enough to embrace the new world ahead”

    I asked myself “What right do we have to deny them of their home?”
    When we cut down trees to make our home;
    I’m proud of helping my friends to build their nest,
    For they are my truly loving and gentle guests

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    1. Kiran, thanks for stopping by my blog. Beautiful lines you have added to the poem 🙂. We humans are ruthless and insensitive towards the needs of other living beings of our planet.
      A very heavy price for which we will have to pay….. gradually people are becoming aware of the negative impact and working in tandem to protect the trees which in turn will save the environment for our children.


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