Oh no !!Did I do that??

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What do you do, when you land yourself in a soup? Nothing much I guess, except that, you wish to possess Harry’s invisibility  cloak and disapparate from there!!

An incident that happened years ago, yet so fresh in my memory, rattles me even today. My husband’s office had organised a two day trip to Pondicherry. Day one was great, meeting new people, playing games and a lovely evening at the beach. Next morning we all gathered at the hotel restaurant for breakfast before heading out for sightseeing. An elaborate spread lay on the table. My son who was about 4 years old, wanted to have cornflakes. The cornflakes was kept in a long glass jar. Kids at that age have a fierce streak of independence in them, wanting to do everything by themselves. Very confidently he lifted the jar to put some cornflakes into the bowl himself. Marching behind him and warning him that he might spill it down, I took the jar from him to put some cornflakes into the bowl. And lo behold……to my horror the lid of the jar gave way and all the cornflakes fell down, scattered all over the floor. I froze!!! I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks, did I really just do that? OMG! with the eyes of all the fellow diners on me, I was so embarrassed. Aggrrhh……… My son had a hearty laugh with an expression of “You asked for it Mom”……… 😉 !!

Did you have any such “Oh no! did I do that ?” moments ???

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54 thoughts on “Oh no !!Did I do that??”

      1. True, mind does freeze and you do not have a clue, but the best way is to recover soon from that and carry on as if nothing happened.
        If I am in such a situation I remember Calvin and Hobbes, so I do not feel that bad. 😀

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  1. In a soup ….I smell of Chicken soup…Lol have had so many embarassing moments . But yeah …not very long ago , I was pestering the hub to get ready soon and spped things up , as we were runing late for a party . Mr. Cool didn’t flinch or hurry and all through I kept telling him to be more cautious , have things ready in time and just pay more attention to details ( I wasn’t happy with the tee shirt he’d chosen).
    We finally got out of the house , into the car and reached the place ….as we got out of the elevator , the hub burst out laughing….telling me ‘haste makes waste’ I didn’t it at first , then he said look at your top and there I was , outside the host’s house , wearing my top inside out !!!

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  2. I wish i were there with my “hot shot” camera to claim the picture of the year from Geographic magazine.


  3. Just like I concluded and said my colleagues that moon can be visible in daylight in some days . It was actually another dim reflection of sun on our large curtain wall of office. 😑 still remember the loudness of laughter…

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  4. The oops! moment…I can’t actually remember mine at the moment I am sure there are many ..lol… But I can relate to your embarrassment. It’s only funny after days go by… Nice post 👍

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  5. haha! I can relate your incident to that of my mothers. I had spilled the water all over the dining and had a nice round of bashing from my mom! Dejected, I sat in a corner, a few minutes later there was a loud thud in the kitchen, I raced to see if she needed any help…of course she did, the cooked hot rice was on the floor.
    “It sometimes happens” she squeaked as she cleaned up the mess.
    “Exactly” I eyes her with amusement!

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  6. interesting post. haha(but you asked for it)… Me too, on so many occasions! Oh recently , even priya had a similar situation. it was a formal function and we had just stepped in and as I was introducing her(in sari), and as she moved forward, the heel of her footwear gave away! I had to rush home with the defective ones and get a new pair! all the while she was there , thankfully, the sari minimised the damage! anyway, it was fun, as it happened in front of a huge crowd. (i teased later and got a dose for that)

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  7. Haha 😂 We all are lucky to have some embarrassing moments to remember and reminisce. Now, I don’t feel embarrassed about it anymore, what I do is enjoy a good laugh at the insanity I was good at creating!

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