Meet Mr. Popular


Some people are born lucky, some with a silver spoon, some are blessed with a gift of the gab, while a few have an intellectual chip in their brain yet others are bestowed with good looks .

I do not warrant an introduction. I am the universal darling of the masses! People all around the world adore me and always look forward to my arrival.

My name has a special significance. I guess, at the time of my birth, the planetary positon of my stars were in a perfect sync with the astrological charts, which explains my acclaim and fame. My name means:

Fun, feast, happiness, relaxation, rejuvenation…

At the mere mention of my name, I see a twinkle in the eyes, the face lights up to a perfect smile and the excited mind sets out to chalk out an itinerary of ideas. Be it the young or the old, I am a hot favourite with all. I am the most pampered among all my siblings. They all envy my status, specially my immediate junior. My personality calls for a celebration with family and friends over a feast. I spell a sense of glee among the youngsters hanging out with friends. Did you know that many find me therapeutic too? I give a much needed refresher and breather to tired working feet and minds from their relentless rut, to unwind and relax. I am sure you all agree with me that a healthy body and mind make a healthy living. So, I use my magic potion to wipe away the rust accumulated during the week. I detox and declutter their minds and homes and infuse them with positive energy.

Seriously I revel in all the fanfare, adulation, and attention showered on me. I have been voted the most popular and preferred personality of the universe. No prizes for guessing my name…….

I am a SUNDAY  🙂 :-)…….I can see you break into a smile at the mention of my name, am I right?


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Project BMG-The Spirit of Giving Back

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At the onset, I would like to congratulate Roberta Pimental for initiating the Project BMG, which I think is a great platform for “infant bloggers” like me to reach out to a wider audience. I am grateful to her for letting me be a part of it. Thanks a ton Roberta!! 🙂

A down to earth person, simplicity defines me. My mind is a gypsy vagabond which loves to travel and reflect on many things. I pen down thoughts close to my heart.  If my writing connects with you, please do step into my world ! Would love to hear your thoughts!



 “If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you will end up not doing nothing for nobody! “ Malcom Bane.

Life is a gift and we are all blessed to be enjoying that gift! Most of us live a happy life, amid loved ones, in the comfort of our homes, without having to worry about our next meal. We are lucky to benefit from the rapid progress, in terms of knowledge, technology and material comforts. But unfortunately, not all in this world are as blessed as we. There are people across the globe who are poverty stricken, living in dismal conditions.

Though, not all of us can be a Mother Teresa or a Florence Nightingale, isn’t it our duty to help the lesser fortunate fellow beings? We all can be that drop which collectively goes on to make a mighty ocean. “If not a star in heaven be a lamp at home “. Many give back to the society by way of monetary help. But giving your time for a cause in which you believe in, is a commendable effort. Volunteering with an organisation or NGO, championing an environmental or conservation issue, feeding the hungry, taking responsibility for the cleanliness drive, all help in realising the dream of better world.

I have been blessed to be born to parents who inculcated in me the value of reaching out and lending a helping hand to the deserving. Am lucky, that I continue to get an absolute support from my husband in this endeavor after marriage too.

I volunteer at a government school where I teach spoken English to the 5th graders. These children come from the underprivileged background. Some of them are eager learners, while others require a lot of effort to be put in. It is a joy to be with them, to help them and converse with them. Their innocent chatter, unending questions, enthusiasm to learn something new, is so encouraging. The exuberant smile I see on their faces, on entering their classroom is priceless!!


As parents, we have tried to instill the same values in our children. My son is an active participant in many lake cleaning initiatives in our city. My daughter donated all the profit earned by her in a school carnival by buying goodies for the children, from the nearby slum. There is a perennial flow of such small random acts of kindness and being a part of social causes, at home. I believe, it should be  a continuous ongoing process.

Along with educating our children, we also need to sensitize them to be grateful for all they have and follow the spirit of giving back to the society. I salute the many among us, who selflessly devote their time and energy for social causes. I guess, these humanitarians help the world to balance itself, in spite of all the negative elements prevalent. We need more of such benevolent crusaders to spread the spirit of giving.

“No act of kindness however small is ever wasted “(Aesop)


Reach out to lend a helping hand,

beyond self, beyond boundaries,

Be the reason for a smile

on faces you may never meet,

touching lives infinitely,

discovering the key to happiness!



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Mesmerizing Munnar

Suprabhatam, Swagatam to God’s own country – Kerala. That’s where we went on a holiday some time back. Nestled among the mystical mountains and serene evergreen forest of the Western Ghats of Kerala, it is the amalgam of 3 rivers. It is a hill station located in the Idukki district of Kerala at a height of 5200 feet above sea level. Sprawling tea plantations, scenic beauty, winding roads and great holiday facilities make it a popular resort town. Can you guess the name of the place we went to? Yes, this beautiful place is Munnar!

From Madurai Airport we took a cab to reach Munnar. After driving for over an hour from Madurai, the landscape started to paint a different picture. Tall coconut trees and green fields gave way to twists and turns of the winding roads, up the hill. With each turn nature was unraveling a different facet of its beauty. I went on clicking spree to capture the charisma of nature’s creation. It was breathtakingly beautiful.  As we reached higher we could see the clouds waft all around us. They felt as soft as fluffy cotton balls. A long 3.5 hour drive later found us at our resort. Soon a blanket of mist engulfed the place as if dancing along with the cool breeze. We could hear the sound of insects, the birds chirping and the water fall in the background. A stark contrast from the chaotic city landscape, the natural charm of the place felt surreal. With hot cup of tea we sat and soaked in the scenic beauty of our surroundings.

The next few days just flew by as we set out to savour the beauty of the place. Waterfalls, mountain peaks, speed boating, trekking, visit to the spice garden, tasting the local cuisine and shopping, it was sheer fun. The highlight was the visit to the tea factory and museum. We saw the entire journey of the tea leaves from the plantation through the different process it undergoes before finally coming into our homes. I learnt a lot about the humble cup of tea.

The lush green tea plantations, the aroma of the spice garden, the charming exotica of Mother Nature, the magnificent mountains, the rambling water falls, and the serene lakes all made it a picture perfect place. The quintessential charm of Munnar rejuvenated our spirits. We headed back to base carrying with us myriad memories filled with happiness and peace etched in hearts forever. ❤ 🙂

Sharing some of the pictures from the trip.

Twilight Saga
Periakanal waterfall
Drive through the winding roads
Green carpet
Misty mountains
Magical moonlight
Tranquil treasures
Envious green
Glowing beauty in blue
The Plains- just off Madurai
Natural beauty
Speed thrills
Monkey business
Nature’s slpendour
Fresh n tender tea leaves
Figs n more……
Moon amidst the drifting clouds
Coffee berries
Going bananas
Crimson hue
Welcoming dawn

गुलज़ार – Gulzar


Sampooran Singh Karla popularly known by his pen name Gulzar, is an Indian poet, lyricist and film director. His style marks sensitivity that is reflected through his writing and films.  The coming together of  Late R.D.Burman (music director ) and Gulzar created musical magic . Their songs are evergreen even after 4 decades. His writing continues to weave a magical spell on his readers till date.

I present my maiden attempt at Hindi poetry, as a tribute to this great legend on his 82nd  birthday…..18 Aug !!


तेरे कलम की सिहाई से जो हुआ रूबरू

उसे जाम या मैखाने की क्या ज़रुरत ,वह तो बिन पिए ही मदहोश हो गया


ओस के बूँदों की तूने जो मोती पिरोई, माथे की बिंदिया, हाथों का कंगन

लबोह की लाली , आंखों का काजल, तेरे लव्जों ने क्या खूब किया औरत का श्रृंगार


वादी में शहनाई गूंजे या बिरह की रात की तड़प, सेहर का सूरज हो या रात की चांदनी

कई चित्रों में गहरे रंग भरे, तेरे गीतो के बोल ने


माशूका के बाहों में बीते हुए वो लम्हों के साथ

हम डूब गए तेरे अल्फाज़ के नशे में


दिल की तन्हाइयो में जाने कहा खो गया, एक अकेला और तनहा इस भरी महफ़िल में

बस एक तेरे कलम की जादू थी, जो मेरा हमसफ़र बन गया


तुझे सजदा पेश किया है हमारी ज़िन्दगी,

गुले गुलज़ार के गुलदस्ते से सजाने के लिए


The one who stumbled upon your writing

needs no wine to get a high,

reading your verses leaves him intoxicated.


Like the garland of dewdrops,

the vermillion on the forehead,

bangle laden hands, glossy lips, kohl darkened eyes,

your words have added glory to a woman’s beauty.


The lyrics of your many songs have painted

a beautiful picture depicting many scenes….

A plaintive clarinet, the tremblings of a lonely heart,

the rising sun and the moon lit night.


The magical nectar of your words

reminds one of the moments

spent in the arms of the beloved.


In the depths of the loneliness,

a lone soul among the throng of people,

I find a companion in the magic

you weave with your words.


An ode to you for presenting us

a bouquet of blossoming flowers

and brightening our lives.


Dreams to be fulfilled…..




An onset of a tempest brews within, when people put on a veil of ignorance,

when unruly waves of indifference drowns many in its flow,

when plunderers in the guise of rulers silently kill,

we lament the gradual death of the soul.


Oh ! Did your freedom go in vain, in the eons of time?

The martyrs who valiantly chose to rest on your earthy bosom,

whose widows swallowed silent tears,

when the infinite sea of fighters united

to drape you in the tranquil costume of freedom.


Not all is lost, dear Mother

a glimmer of hope quells the darkness,

when selfless crusaders stride on a march

chanting slogans of equality for all

with a dream to see you, O Mother!

In your natural splendour,

where the belly’s don’t feel the hunger,

children tread on a path of knowledge,

a women is not robbed of her dignity,

where  home is not a privilege of a few,

where the only religion followed is that of

humanity and brotherhood

where love and peace dwell for eternity.


Let’s join hands together to realise this dream

to make our motherland proud of all her children.


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Five Senses Challange and Happiness Tag

Two more challenges coming my way……..

  1. Menat and Raina from nominated me for the Five Senses Challenge
  2. Kiran of nominated me with the Happiness Tag.

Since both of them have a common thread, I am going to combine the two into a refreshing mocktail. Thanks guys for the nomination. Both are bloggers with amazing blogs. Do check them out.


So Here’s How This Challenge Works:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • For each of the five senses (or as many as you do) describe five of your favorite things having to do with that sense. Favorite sounds, smells, etc.
  • Be yourself, get creative!
  • Nominate five other people to do this tag



  • Gurgling water streams
  • Baby’s laughter
  • Chirping of the birds
  • Hearing my kids voices
  • The temple bells


  • The freshly baked cake from my oven
  • First drops of rain on the earth
  • Freshly brewed coffee
  • Pages of a new book
  • Fragrant flowers


  • Watching a sleeping baby
  • A glorious sunset
  • Snow capped mountains
  • Smiling faces of children
  • Flowers swaying in the breeze


  • The touch of a loved one
  • A baby’s skin
  • Petals of a flower
  • Soft flurry blanket
  • Feel of the gentle breeze on my skin


  • Mom’s food (Ma ke hath ka khana )
  • Hot cup of tea
  • Ice creams
  • Water
  • Spicy n tangy chaat (street food)

Happiness Tag:

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Rules for participation

1) Write about the 5 things that make you happy

2) Name 5 songs which make you happy

3)Nominate 5 bloggers to continue the tag.


1.) 5 Things that make me happy

Experiencing all of the above, make me happy !!

2.)  5 Songs that I love to listen

  • Eagles Flight (Osho)
  • Phir wahi raat hai ( from the movie Ghar)
  • Hazaro khwaishe aisi ke(gazal by Jagjit Singh)
  • Welcome to my world (Jim Reeves)
  • Besame Mucho (Frank Sinatra)

Nominations are open to all the bloggers !!

Happiness galore 🙂







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