गुलज़ार – Gulzar


Sampooran Singh Karla popularly known by his pen name Gulzar, is an Indian poet, lyricist and film director. His style marks sensitivity that is reflected through his writing and films.  The coming together of  Late R.D.Burman (music director ) and Gulzar created musical magic . Their songs are evergreen even after 4 decades. His writing continues to weave a magical spell on his readers till date.

I present my maiden attempt at Hindi poetry, as a tribute to this great legend on his 82nd  birthday…..18 Aug !!


तेरे कलम की सिहाई से जो हुआ रूबरू

उसे जाम या मैखाने की क्या ज़रुरत ,वह तो बिन पिए ही मदहोश हो गया


ओस के बूँदों की तूने जो मोती पिरोई, माथे की बिंदिया, हाथों का कंगन

लबोह की लाली , आंखों का काजल, तेरे लव्जों ने क्या खूब किया औरत का श्रृंगार


वादी में शहनाई गूंजे या बिरह की रात की तड़प, सेहर का सूरज हो या रात की चांदनी

कई चित्रों में गहरे रंग भरे, तेरे गीतो के बोल ने


माशूका के बाहों में बीते हुए वो लम्हों के साथ

हम डूब गए तेरे अल्फाज़ के नशे में


दिल की तन्हाइयो में जाने कहा खो गया, एक अकेला और तनहा इस भरी महफ़िल में

बस एक तेरे कलम की जादू थी, जो मेरा हमसफ़र बन गया


तुझे सजदा पेश किया है हमारी ज़िन्दगी,

गुले गुलज़ार के गुलदस्ते से सजाने के लिए


The one who stumbled upon your writing

needs no wine to get a high,

reading your verses leaves him intoxicated.


Like the garland of dewdrops,

the vermillion on the forehead,

bangle laden hands, glossy lips, kohl darkened eyes,

your words have added glory to a woman’s beauty.


The lyrics of your many songs have painted

a beautiful picture depicting many scenes….

A plaintive clarinet, the tremblings of a lonely heart,

the rising sun and the moon lit night.


The magical nectar of your words

reminds one of the moments

spent in the arms of the beloved.


In the depths of the loneliness,

a lone soul among the throng of people,

I find a companion in the magic

you weave with your words.


An ode to you for presenting us

a bouquet of blossoming flowers

and brightening our lives.



68 thoughts on “गुलज़ार – Gulzar”

  1. Kya Khoob Likha hai aapne,
    Aapke is andaaz ki na thi hame khabar,
    Kalam ka saath na chodiye,
    Aapko tohfa diya hai Khuda ne…
    Likhiye aur hamara dil behlayiye 🙂

    Keep them coming Radhi.. Its simply great .

    Liked by 2 people

      1. My pleasure :)Keep writing more of hindi poetry…excellent command over the language..:)
        I had to change my blog site coz last one got deleted by mistake. Pl follow this new one .:)

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Amazing… never knew that your Hindi/Urdu was so exceptional 🙂 … sheer poetry…

    My fav lines from this Amazing wordsmith are….
    Khamosh Sa Afsana….Paani Se likha Hota…. Na Tum Ne Kaha Hota… Na Humne Suna Hota

    Liked by 3 people

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