What is your solution to get you out of confusion?

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Bewildered, puzzled and lost,

in the maze of your myriad thoughts,

you start to hear the cacophony of ideas,

embroiled in a tangle of reasoning,

when clarity abandons you,

you are unsure of the path to tread,

how do you find your way out?





Dieter’s Dilemma


I am on a diet, cried out Anabel!

Looking at the packets on the table

Chips, cakes , candies and bagels

You see,

I am following a time table

to become fit and able

Keep me away from those labels

Lest my willpower dissolves in shambles

Oh Lord!

Please understand my dilemma!!

In response to the Daily Prompt – Dilemma

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Faces of Water

Draped in a sheer white satin robe

gushing down with vigour and zest

the grandeur of its portrait so magnificent

behold the boundless beauty of the waterfall.


A curvy brook flowing through the forest

when it adorns a placid and quiet demeanour

it’s balletic nimble flow with a gurgling sound

casts a spell of serenity.


At times it unveils it’s most dreaded face

it’s  wrath and fury spare none

the ire of it’s gigantic waves and deluge

inundates all without pardon.


It can sedate the fieriest of fires

a long drawn battle at times

between its dynamism and the blazing flames

finally, it’s all powerful nature prevails.


When the soft rays of dawn

touch the turquoise blue water

it’s pristine water mirrors an image so pure

it turns reflective and slips into meditative bliss.

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CWW Photo Challenge

These pictures are my entries for Cees “which way” photo challenge for the week Sept 21.


dsc02070 A famous landmark in Rishikesh, the bridge is called the Ram Jhula , which means the swing of Lord Ram. The  iron suspension bridge  built across the Ganges, is situated in the Tehri Gharwal district of the Indian state of Uttarakand.


The sign post inviting us to the last Indian Village called Mana,  which is 24 kms from the border of India and Tibet/China


Looking for directions in the sand dunes !


The beautiful city of Amsterdam  has over 100 kms of canals and 1500 bridges!


This is the aerial view of the city roads atop the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Though I had posted this picture in my blog earlier, I felt this was very apt for the theme.




Sunshine Blogger Award


“The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who  inspire and bring sunshine into the lives of their readers and fellow bloggers.”

A big thank you to Elaine  for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Elated that she considers my blog worthy of bringing sunshine to the readers 🙂 Do visit her blog for a for a wide array of reads  ranging from stories, paintings and some amazing write ups!!


Here are her questions:

Introduce yourself , in spite of blogging who are you by your profession.

A down to earth person, simplicity defines me. My mind is a gypsy vagabond which loves to travel and reflect on many things. I pen down thoughts close to my heart. That justifies the birth of the blogger in me.

A mother to two lovely kids, I keep myself creatively employed. I volunteer at a couple of NGOs.

I call myself BBC- Blogger, baker and chocolatier

If you weren’t in your current profession or if you could change your profession, which one would you like to opt?

I am currently happy with whatever I am doing. Designing, pursing creative artistry is something that I have a flair for. Any alternate profession for me, would be that of an Interior designer.

Where would dream to visit/ destination/country, or where would love to live?

Our world is has some of the most amazingly beautiful places. I have many places in India and abroad on my bucket list. Let’ see how many I can tick out of that.

If you have been told that its your last day on earth, what and how would you like to spend your day? What would you do?

“Live everyday as if it was your last day on earth.” If we followed this maxim, I guess the actual last day on earth would be great, without any anxiety.

If you get a chance to talk/see a person who is no longer in this world, whom would you like to meet?

Without doubt that person would be Mother Theresa. I would like to understand from her the source of her never ending fountain of love and compassion. Just yesterday I read an article about her, where the writer stated that a mere touch from her transferred so much of positive energy. Respect and regards all the way for the noble saint.

What are you most afraid of?  Or any nightmare which you feel could be real in your life?

Creepies n crawlies and claustrophobic places make me paranoid.

What motivates you to write each blog post?

Everyday things that I observe, an article that I read about, a picture that leaves an impression, challenges rolled out by the blogging community, the awards I am nominated for and the feedback of all my lovely fellow bloggers are some of the things that motivate and inspire me to write a post.

Do you support capital punishment?

I am against capital punishment.

Before you death, what will you be doing as your duty/step to save the earth?

I think doing something for mother earth should be a continuous effort. Planting saplings, saving its precious natural resources, keeping the environment around us clean are some of the things I do regularly.

Whom do you like the most in this world and whom you like the least?

My family means the world to me!

How you arrived to your blog name?

Like I said earlier, my blogs are a reflection of my thoughts n ideas. Hence the name seemed very apt for it.

My questions are:

  1. Tell me 3 things you remember about your kindergarten.
  2. What would you do if you were invisible for a day?
  3. Which according to you is the best post you have written so far. Attach a link to it.
  4. Have you actually kept up a new year resolution? If yes, what and for how long?
  5. If social media did not exist, how would your life be different?
  6. What cheers you up?
  7. What is the one thing that you did out of your comfort zone that you are really proud of?
  8. Which celebrity do you admire the most and why?
  9. What according to you is the most beautiful word in the world?
  10. What is your idea of heaven?
  11. Share 3 lessons, life has taught you.

And I nominate the following bloggers for the award

  1. Singdha
  2. Karthik
  3. Aditi
  4. Prashant
  5. Varsha
  6. Kiran
  7. Rekha
  8. Shefali

Happy Blogging  🙂



A date with silence

In response to the Daily wordpress prompt – Silence


On a rendezvous with silence,

solitude beckons me,

I hear the whispers of my soul,

my mind guides me on an odyssey

of spiritual bliss,

resonating with the sounds

of the cosmic vibrations!

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Nosy Affair


Last morning, found some free time at hand.  Glancing at the book shelf laden with a plethora of books collected over the last two decades, I decided they were in dire need for a makeover. To dust, categorise and rearrange them would be just splendid. With a perfect plan in mind, I began to pull the books down, glancing through some of them, recollecting fond memories associated with a few others, stacking them into different categories, I diligently went on with the task at hand. Little did I anticipate what was in store for me!

Half way through, I had an unannounced visitor. No, not at the door but in my nose!! A naughty little tyke, who we all know as the sneeze :-). It suddenly crept up to my nose and let itself out, as if playing on a slide.  I guess it was enjoying the smooth slide down and decided to do it again, and again and again, much to my chagrin. I took a tissue to help me out of my misery.

After sitting down for a while to regain my sanity from the sneezing tornado, which wreaked a havoc, I headed back to the shelf once again to complete my unfinished chore. Feeling glad that the unwelcomed visitor decided to depart, I carried on with my work. As if hearing my thoughts, it came back, this time with some more pranks up its sleeve. It started to tickle and tease my nose. As I readied myself to let out the “A-a-achoo”, it decided to make a hasty exit, leaving me teary eyed and frustrated.

Just when I finally thought it bade me good bye, that stubborn mule, came back with vengeance. I went berserk on a roller coaster sneezing spree. After what seemed an eternity, the sneezing finally subsided, leaving me completely deflated.

Some of the books are still waiting to be put back on the shelf. I guess, that can wait. In the meantime let me prepare myself better for another likely combat, in case the naughty tyke decides to make a comeback!!   😉

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Tanka Poetry #1 – Moonlight

Thanks Maniparna for introducing me to another new form of poetry!

The velvety sky

bathed in the sliver glow,

sets a perfect stage,

igniting spark and passion,

on the romantic lovers !

Tanka is a poetry form which originated in Japan more than 13 centuries ago. In its purest form, tanka poems are most commonly written as expressions of love, self-reflection, and gratitude. It contains five lines and 31 syllables in the form of 5-7-5-7-7.

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कोरा कागज़ -Blank Paper


     मै वो कोरा कागज़ हूँ , जिसमे तूने

अपने ज़िन्दगी  के फलसफे भर दिए।

इन शब्दों की दुनियां में खूब सैर  किया है मैंने

लोग तो वही हैं ,पर ख़याल अलग अलग।

किसी ने एक सोच की लड़ी पिरो दी ,

तो किसी  ने धर्म का ज़हर घोल दिया।

किसी ने खुशियों की फुलझड़ी जला दी ,

तो कोई  ग़म के बादल में खो गए।

किसी ने जीत का ऐलान किया ,

तो कोई हार की चादर मे छिप गया।

किसी ने प्यार का इज़हार किया ,

तो किसी ने जुदाई के आँसू में मुझे डुबो दिया।

किसी ने  नगमो के मोतियों  से मुझे सजाया ,

तो किसी ने शब्दों  से  मुझे  घायल किया।

किसी ने रंगबिरंगी चित्रो से मेरा श्रृंगार किया ,

तो किसी ने अपनी सूनी दास्तान बयान की।

किसी ने रिश्ते बनाने की पहल की ,

तो किसी ने रिश्तों की बलि चढ़ा दी।

सदियों से मै गवाह हूँ

बदलते मौसम का ,

मै वो  कोरा कागज़ हूँ , जिसमे तूने

अपने ज़िन्दगी  के फलसफे भर दिए।

I am that blank paper in which

 you have filled up the philosophy of your life.

I have travelled the expanse , in the world of words

People all over are the same, differing only in their thoughts.

Some have woven a beautiful string of thoughts,

while some poison the minds in the name of religion.

Some have lit sparkles of happiness,

while some were lost amid the clouds of gloom.

Some, trumpeted the story of their success

while some hid themselves in the blanket of failure.

Some proposed love,

while some drowned me in the tears of sorrow.

Some decorated me with pearls of poetry,

while some hurt me with harsh words.

Some coloured me with a beautiful painting,

while some played a melancholic tune.

Some tried to foster relationships,

while some others sacrificed them.

I am a witness to the

ever-changing seasons, since centuries

I am that blank paper in which

 you have filled up the philosophy of your life.

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