Nosy Affair


Last morning, found some free time at hand.  Glancing at the book shelf laden with a plethora of books collected over the last two decades, I decided they were in dire need for a makeover. To dust, categorise and rearrange them would be just splendid. With a perfect plan in mind, I began to pull the books down, glancing through some of them, recollecting fond memories associated with a few others, stacking them into different categories, I diligently went on with the task at hand. Little did I anticipate what was in store for me!

Half way through, I had an unannounced visitor. No, not at the door but in my nose!! A naughty little tyke, who we all know as the sneeze :-). It suddenly crept up to my nose and let itself out, as if playing on a slide.  I guess it was enjoying the smooth slide down and decided to do it again, and again and again, much to my chagrin. I took a tissue to help me out of my misery.

After sitting down for a while to regain my sanity from the sneezing tornado, which wreaked a havoc, I headed back to the shelf once again to complete my unfinished chore. Feeling glad that the unwelcomed visitor decided to depart, I carried on with my work. As if hearing my thoughts, it came back, this time with some more pranks up its sleeve. It started to tickle and tease my nose. As I readied myself to let out the “A-a-achoo”, it decided to make a hasty exit, leaving me teary eyed and frustrated.

Just when I finally thought it bade me good bye, that stubborn mule, came back with vengeance. I went berserk on a roller coaster sneezing spree. After what seemed an eternity, the sneezing finally subsided, leaving me completely deflated.

Some of the books are still waiting to be put back on the shelf. I guess, that can wait. In the meantime let me prepare myself better for another likely combat, in case the naughty tyke decides to make a comeback!!   😉

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34 thoughts on “Nosy Affair”

  1. Aww….poor you! Hope you’re feeling better now. Seems like it was one of those allergy sneezing bouts. They don’t go away easily. Dust?
    Do be more careful next time. They can be very frustrating. ☺👍

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  2. loved the title and a totally interesting read Radhika….. you made it all sound like an interrupting beautiful guest…. all said a guest is a guest who needs to be reckoned and taken care of 😉 isn’t so?

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      1. an unwelcome guest indeed….but you’ve written and described it so beautifully Radhika I couldn’t stop expressing those words there! May be next time you can try tying a hanky or covering nose with more comfortable something….I do that at times 🙂

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  3. Glad to know that there are others as well who suffer from the sneeze syndrome…Dust being the prime culprit…
    I for one was under the impression that I am the undisputed king of sneeze… Hopefully that title remains with me 🙂

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