Weekly photo challenge – Transmogrify

When I checked this week’s prompt, it read ” Transmogrify “. It was a word beyond my limited vocabulary. I had to ask my friendly dictionary to help me understand its meaning. My ever obliging dictionary willingly threw some light on it. It gave me two meanings:

i) To change or transform into a different shape,esp a grotesque or bizarre one.

ii) To change thoroughly, as into a different shape or form.

My pictures today go more with the second meaning!!


One fine day my son surprised me when he announced that he was going to make some donuts. Happy, that he volunteered to try a hand at something in the kitchen I left him to do the honours. With his laptop on the kitchen counter, the you tube video of the recipe guiding him, he earnestly started work with soft music playing in the background. I sat back watching him at work, refraining myself from giving my expert advice 😉 After a couple of hours of labour, he came out with an assortment of donuts so well arranged. It was not only a treat to the eyes but a feast to the taste buds.

Indeed a proud moment for me as a mom, when he donned the apron and came up with one of the best tasting donuts I ever had ❤ !



Let’s have a Happy Diwali

A time to rejoice and celebrate,

families gather, over a lavish feast.

Array of flowers, lanterns and colourful rangoli,

lamps  brighten the autumn night,

welcoming the goddess of wealth

mirth, gaiety and splendour

echo all around the country side!

The night sky bursts into sparkling glitter,

the air reverberates with the sounds  of the crackers .

Amid the joyous spirit and prayers,

where the good triumphs over the evil,

let’s burn our egos and embrace humility.

Let’s pause to see those woe filled faces,

for whom life is yet another dark night

without laughter or light,

let’s pledge to bring smiles to their faces.

Let’s remember to offer a sincere prayer

for all those soldiers away from their families

on this festive night and so many other nights.

Let’s learn from the lamp we light this Diwali

to radiate cheer all around us and brighten lives.

Let’s be the reason for someone’s smile,

Let’s be the hand to feed a hungry soul,

Let humanity and gratitude be the new mantra of

A happy Diwali!



The 2016 Blogger Award

I am truly honoured to be nominated by Meenakshi of wingsofpoetry for this award.

Thank you so much for your beautiful words Meenakshi.  🙂 ❤

Blogger of the year-


She has as beautiful blog as she herself is as a person! One can enjoy and feel lost while reading her posts! She truly deserves this award! 

Check the rules of the award hosted by Elm here.

My nominations are:

Blogger of the year

My digital diary

It’s always a pleasure to read her posts. Her choice of topics and the write up complement each other so perfectly. A perfect choice for the award!

Blog of the year

Scattered thoughts

She has a way with words. Her articles, poems and write ups are well thought out and presented. Consistently coming up with such original ones is an achievement in itself!

Best new blogger

Idle muser

A new entrant to the blogging world, she has carved a niche through her posts on a varied and socially relevant topics. Has built up a fairly good following in a short span of time!

Kindest blogger


She is the gentlest and the kindest little friend I have in the virtual world. Her blogs are inspirational, positive and full of love.

Most positive blog


Her poems are a class apart. Life with positive energy and radiance flow out of her poems.

Most approachable blog


Her blog is a reflection of her personality. An amazing blogger,she is the very approachable, always gives her feedback and encourages fellow bloggers.

Most helpful blogger

Incredible Pie

Very mature blogger for his age. He has been  extremely helpful in promoting the blogs of fellow bloggers.

Funniest blog

Pins and ashes

She has got a mind of her own. Her posts always bring a smile to your face. A combination of thought provoking posts  with a dose of humour too!

Best Looking blog


A well laid out blog, aesthetically presented. It’s a pleasure  to navigate around her blog 🙂

Most relateable blog

A vibrant Palette

We are like virtual sisters. Often I have found her posts to mirror my thoughts. Always enjoy reading her posts.

Most creative blog


A huge fan of this master chef’s presentation skills. His creative artistry takes food        presentation to an all new level! Perfectly worthy of this award!



A blogger who does hesitate to pen down his thoughts, unedited. His posts have a unique and unusual flavour, which many may not relate to but  his posts always manage to turn on your thinking caps!




Dying art of letter writing

Letters had been a popular mode of communication until a few years back. It was the bearer of news from across the world to family and friends. A simple piece of paper, carrying infinite emotions sealed in itself. Stories of success and failures, happiness and grief, of well-being and illness the humble letters have seen it all!

Writing and receiving letters had their own charm. Postcards, inland letters, aerogram each had an experience to share. The envelope was reserved for someone special, with the letter written on a beautiful paper! The inland letter was a plain blue sheet which was foldable and one could write on 3 sides. Initially when I wrote on the inland letter, my letters would start from a point and start travelling upward north. I still remember the thrill I experienced when finally I managed to master the art of writing in a straight line :-). I was proud of my accomplishment. The handwriting in the letters too had styles. While some were elegant and printed like, we had a tough time reading a few illegible ones. But it was so much fun trying to decipher the written matter!

When I got engaged, which was before the advent of emails and mobiles, my fiancé would write to me very often. When his letter arrived my younger brother and sister would run around the house with the letter refusing to give it to me. After a lot of pleading, cajoling and bribing, they would finally pass on the letter to me.  The letter then transported me into a world of love and dreams

Except for a few official letters, writing and receiving letters have become a rarity, thanks to the instant messaging systems of today. But I genuinely feel that the letter had a vintage charm to it. I vividly recall the euphoria of receiving a letter, for the first time, with my name written on it. 🙂 A few years back for children’s day, I wrote a letter to both my kids, telling them why they are so special and how proud they make me feel. The expression of surprise and delight on their face on receiving the first and probably the only letter was priceless!!


It is really sad that the beautiful art of letter writing is slowly dying a natural death. These days except for a few official letters there is hardly any correspondence exchanged on paper. Thanks to the gigantic technological strides we have taken, in a few years’ time this beautiful form of exchange of news will have to be laid to rest completely…..R.I.P!

Image courtesy : google


All are cordially invited to a celestial party with the stars


The night sky glitters with millions of stars

decked up in all  their heavenly finery

some twinkling while others glowing

sparkling conversations flow

dazzling smiles invite

all partying and dancing

in the celestial arena

to the whispers of cool breeze!!

In response to the daily prompt : Millions

Image courtesy : fotosearch.com

Mana – The last Indian Village


The dawn of 17 May 2013 was a memorable one. The darshan at the holy shrine of Badrinath rejuvenated our soul with spiritual bliss.

After recharging our souls, it was time to recharge the body too. We stopped by a local eatery for some hot breakfast. Then we headed out to Mana, a mere 3 kms from there.


The excitement among us was palpable as Mana is the last village of India. Located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand at an altitude of 3200 meters, it is 24 kms from the India and Tibet/China border. A small population of about 600 inhabit the place.

On the onset of winter, the entire area gets covered with a blanket of snow. The weather becomes very hostile for survival.  The villagers then migrate to the lower plains from October to April.


Their houses typically are made of stones and plastered with mud. They have slate tiled sloping roofs. Most houses have kitchen gardens where they primarily grow spinach, potato and cauliflower for their livelihood. The women are endowed with fine craft skills. Their adept fingers knit beautiful sweaters, shawls, caps, mufflers and carpets which find many takers.


A shop there having the distinction of being the last Indian shop. People generally buy a drink or some eatable to tell the folks back home that they shopped from there!

Just a few meters away from the shop, the Saraswati River merges with the Alaknanda. Further ahead is a cave called Vyas Guha where it is believed that sage Veda Vyasa resided and composed the entire Mahabharata.


After spending about an hour there, capturing moments to carry with us, we headed back. Today writing this post has taken me back on that beautiful trip down the memory lane!



Sidlak # 4- Rain


Down you fall

from the canvas above

kissing the earth with passion

embracing the parched souls with nectar

carpeting the stage green, for life to dance!!


Know Sidlak:

Sidlak poetry (sid/lak) is a structured poetry consisting of 5 lines with 3-5-7-9 syllables AND A COLOR. The last line must be a COLOR that describes the whole poem or the feelings of the writer.


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