Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgia

Today is present, give it to your best. For tomorrow it becomes past. A memory! Create memories that bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. A collection of beautiful memories years later, becomes Nostalgia!!

I remember having attended typing classes during my summer holidays. Oh, what fun it was to type sheets of paper and feel so elated at my typing speed !!
Tic toc the horse trots…….this cute little horse fulfilled every little child’s dream of riding !!
The humble old sewing machine created magic with fabric !!
Listening to the radio was a favourite pastime in days of yore before the technology took control of our lives!Β 
The paper remains the same………the headlines keep changing!!

77 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgia”

      1. There’s a place in Goa called loutolim. A Portuguese lawyer’s house is now turned into a museum. Typewriters,radio, old wine bottles, hat stand and everything else is still there. πŸ™‚

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  1. Even me…..had attended typing classes which was just next door my house….. And that was the only reason….. But then, it lasted only for a week, and I remember typing asdfg left hand and lkjhg right hand and one sheet per day….. And I was fed up πŸ™‚

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  2. These things all of them except the typewriter are my grandmother’s house too😊

    The valve based radio is not working now

    The sewing machine is still there..but no one uses it

    The wooden horse and wooden walkie is there too..but all of us have become big😊

    Mother has preserved teak wood jhula in which I used to sleep as a baby. Still in good condition as it is.

    She says it will be for my offspring 😊

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  3. that’s a nostalgic post….reminding me of the typing classes, I agree that speed was the part that kept it going steady… sewing machine, mom had one and I too have used it a lot…the radio, the sewing machine – its all gone out of the pic now at home!

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  4. Lovely pictures. I couldsee my grandpa and grandma sewing on the machine and the horse broguth back lovely memories of nursery school , the time when jungle gyms and fancy ac classrooms were unheard of.

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      1. Wow ! Lucky you πŸ™‚ My dad stitches curtains even now for the house but the old sewing machine has been replaced with a newer electric one .

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      2. I wish I had learnt too. I used to love cross stitching patterns for bed spreads and cushion covers , but that was more than a decade ago . Ready – made stuff is the fad now , but sadly the personal touch is lost .

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  5. I think people become nostalgic too… The elderly in America become throw away instead of the wise in the community. It’s sad to me. I can see at my age of 60 how people already disregard me and what I may have to offer. People at work (mostly the younger generation) thing I’m not worth paying attention to, and jobs are hard to find when you are older. To me this is crazy and the wrong way to look at things. These objects you show here are the building blocks for the new things we have now….you can’t have one without the other. So it is with people….you ‘need’ the older generations to build the new ones…to teach and pass down their knowledge. xo

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    1. So well said and absolutely true. Yes, the older generation is like the building block or the foundation on which the younger generation builds itself. They need to understand if they disregard their elders, their structure will crumble. Some do understand this while others realise it when it is too late.
      I enjoy reading your posts. Have a wonderful week ahead. 😊😊

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      1. My grandfather’s typewriter was one precious little piece of his. He allowed me and my younger cousin to touch it because we were interested in reading when we were in primary school. So he used to make us sit in one of those chairs in his room, give us biscuits, books and also allow us to touch the type writer.

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  6. Loved this post immensely Radhika! Lots of memories!
    We recently bought a typewriter at an antique market & have a special place for it at home…still scouring for the ink though! I remember attending typing classes in the Summer holidays too:)
    Thanks for sharing and I apologize for my irregular visits on wordpress..will be sure to catch up:-)

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    1. I am glad that I was able to take all my blogger friends on a nostalgic journey. 😍
      I hope you manage to find the ink for your typewriter soon. I can still hear the the sounds of the keys of the typewriter after all these years. Some memories remain evergreen. 😊😊

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  7. Loved this one Radhika….I was back to those golden years of the noisy typewriter, typing classes and the fact that using a typewriter was exercise enough for your arms. Will show my son the simple joys of our childhood. Thank you for that.

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