किन्तु परन्तु अपितू – But, but, but…….


कोई भी विद्यार्थी से उनके प्रिय

विषय  के बारे में पुछा तो होगा,

जवाब अनेक मिले होंगे


क्या कभी किसी को हिंदी बोलते हुए सुना?

भाई ! मेरे कान यह सुनने के लिए तरस गए

देश भर सैकड़ो स्कूल में घूम चूका हूँ

परन्तु अभी तक एक भी मित्र न बना पाया

न जाने क्या दुश्मनी है बच्चो  को मुझसे?

शिकायत हमेशा करते है

क्यों पढ़े हम हिंदी, पूछते है वो,

बोलना तो ठीक है, पर कहाँ आज कल लिखता है कोई

नौकरी के तलाश में जाओ तो

अंग्रेजी आना बहुत ज़रूरी है

कोई यह नहीं पूछता , आप हिंदी बोलते है?

मुझे राष्ट्र भाषा का सम्मान दिया है

लेकिन बच्चो से दोस्ती के लिए में तरसता हूँ

किन्तु, परन्तु, अपितू

ऐसा सौतेला व्यवहार मेरे साथ क्यों?


But, but, but…..

You may have asked many a student

 about his favourite subject

they may have given you many answers

English, Geography, Math, Science

But have you heard anyone say Hindi?

hey ! my ears are dying to hear this

I have travelled to schools across the country

But have not yet befriended anyone

I wonder why the children dislike me?

“Why should I study Hindi?” they ask?

“Its fine to converse, but who writes in Hindi these days”

To face an interview

it is essential to know English

Nobody asks, “Do you know Hindi?”

I have the honour of being the national language

But I crave for friendship with children

But, but, but

why is this step-motherly treatment given to me?

Image courtesy: articles.indiatimes.com


82 thoughts on “किन्तु परन्तु अपितू – But, but, but…….”

  1. In hindsight, it’s a pity it’s infra-dig, I agree. Can’t answer your question as to why exactly it’s looked down upon, though. Is a remnant of the colonial times – although they are also 70 years ago now? Our education system? The need for jobs?

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      1. English is everywhere…so probably its easier to understand. Hindi poems and proses aren’t read as regularly in our homes. My parents brought us lot of Chandamama and other regional story books to encourage Hindi and Marathi reading. It somehow helped in garnering our interest too.

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      2. Oh…..my kids devoured books, but only in English. They do speak well in Hindi, but studying and reproducing the answers is something they detest.
        But this attitude of students is very common across the urban kids.


  2. The step motherly treatment is given by the education system (maybe because we still follow the British raj system)…At my time the subject was introduced too late in 5th grade where already we have learnt a language in n out i.e. English, written Hindi becomes difficult to study as we have been speaking that language in our own way… Looking down is only in the corporate world, n not really as a kid…

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  3. Sadly people in our country are so used to discrimination that even hindi has not been spared. I remember there were some kids whose parents made them learn French instead of hindi, because south indians refuse to learn it. Why? don’t know, but this disease of discrimination has not spared Hindi. And then people also feel it is inferior to english, sadly a mistaken idea that has taken root in the minds of youth today. Great poem and wonderful message Radhika! Loved it 🙂

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    1. Thank you Advaita. Yes unfortunately I have seen the some youngsters think it is below their dignity to speak in Hindi or watch movies or listen to Hindi music. Unfortunately,due to various reasons the bias against this language has permeated deep into their beings !!


  4. जो आनंद मधुशाला का हैं।
    जो कशिश गोदान की है।
    जो वीररस निराला का है।
    जो रूढ़ियों के प्राचीरों को लांघने वाले रामधारी का है।
    और इन सब को जोड़ने वाला धागा हिंदी का हैं।

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  5. Loved the poem!
    ..btw nominated you for the blogger recognition award! Check our latest post. Didn’t post the url so that my comment not be considered spam! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Rohit for the appreciation and the nomination. I truly feel humbled by the number of times I have been nominated for the award. But I will have to let is pass as I have already accepted it earlier.
      Thanks once again😊


      1. No worries @radhikasreflection I am really happy that acknowledged it!
        Hope we will participate in different award or enjoy other collaboration in future!
        Till then cheers and happy blogging! 🙂

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  6. Beautiful thought! I too share the same feelings and emotions for my language TAMIL. Language is itself a marvellous creation . what my point is, why is such a linguistic discrimination when all of the evolutions are too unique and prodigious?It is no fashion or pride in speaking foreign languages by degrading and suppressing the richness of the Mother tongue. If still people roam thinking that it is a trend and fashion , then it all needs maturity, as maturity is not by age but by thoughts we develop.
    There is ache in your words for the buried highness of our national language. Nevertheless, your words will create a revolution.👍👏

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    1. Thanks saalai for your thoughts. While there is no denying of the English language as a global one, the fact that Hindi or any regional language being looked down by many is disturbing. People consider themselves elite if they speak in English. It is really sad to see an indifferent attitude of the students specially the urban ones, towards our National language.

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      1. Absolutely. Frog doesn’t know the importance and value of lotus in the pond. Whereas, miles away, bees smell, follow the path, finally collect the essence and share it with others. Those who are bestowed never taste the fullest of it, only who yens for it, make the best use of it.
        Actually, I was kept on thinking of writing about this a week back. When you gave words to my thoughts I was overwhelming to note someone is way similar to me. 🙂

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  7. I cannot agree less Radhika. I think it is nothing to do with Hindi, my Kannada teacher had the same complaint and so does my son’s Arabic teacher. Math, Science and Social Studies drink the efforts of students, leaving nothing left for language, I suppose.

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  8. I do feel the same. Kai baar aisa hota hai ki maine phone kiya and Dusri taraf se banda english main baat karne lag jata hai. Every shop wala banda talks in english when we both can comfortably talk in hindi. I make it a point to converse in hindi with whomsoever I meet. But writing in hindi is very difficult mostly I think because of our importance given to English as a whole.

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    1. Yes. Its mostly written Hindi that many people do not enjoy. Maybe since all major correspondence is always done in English. My kids also are fine with talking in hindi, but find it very challenging to write specially the essays and letter writing they have to do in school.

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      1. nope…it’s not waste of time….hindi is our mother language…from it we start learning everything…


      2. because…there is lack of institution in our society…we are responsible for this…we send our kids to convent schools…english pdho..english pdho…never tell them about hindi and its importance….just because of our society.i’m not condemning english….its also necessary..but without neglecting hindi

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  9. मैं भी एक ब्लाग चलाता हूँ..फेसबुक के नामी बेनामी लेखकों की रचनाओं को अपने ब्लाग पर डालता हूँ..कृपया एक बार जरूर जाए..कमेंट करें..लाईक करें..और हाँ..फौलो करना न भूलें.

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  10. मुघे तो लगा था की ब्लॉग सिर्फ इंग्लिश में होता है आज जाना की हिंदी में भी लोग ब्लॉग्गिंग करते है… थैंक्स फॉर शेयरिंग .. http://www.hindiscoop.in

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  11. बहुत अच्छा लगा, हिन्दी हमारी संस्कृति की जड़ है .इसके बिना कोई अस्तित्व नही

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  12. Seriously, it’s a pleasant feeling to know that some one is really aware about हिंदी. Mam I really appreciate you as a hindi blogger because I am also a hindi poet so I can understand what हिंदी means to you.

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  13. Hello ma’am!
    You are just amazing…
    n ha mai bhi ek student hu n mujhe hindi bahut pasand hai…
    Maine apni 5 poems hindi m hi post ki hai…
    Plz ma’am suggest me wo kaisi hai.. n mai unhe improve kaise kre skti hu..
    I need followers for advices ma’am…plz tell me

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