The aromatic fragrance casts a mystical spell on us,

The sweet and perfumed scent, tickles our sensory buds,

The fresh bakes from the oven are so inviting,

The first drops of rain on earth refreshes us,

The smell of the incense stick has a calming effect on us,

The fragrant flowers enlivens us,

The aroma of the freshly brewed coffee is so irresistible

The smell of the freshly pound spices reminds us of mom’s kitchen

The scented oils infuses a feeling of complete relaxation,

The smell of home sweet home is truly heavenly!!

In response to the Daily prompt : Aromatic


34 thoughts on “Aromatic”

  1. ” My mother, like the ladies of those times, was always dressed in thick cotton sarees. I still recall the distinct aroma, a whiff of comfort around her, when close to her. It was a smell of the kitchen smoke, laced with that of spices and curry and a whole lot of things that make a home happy. It was not the fragrance of cologne, or the lingering essence of musk, but it was β€œmotherly”.”

    Quoted from my book “hejamadi odyssey”


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