Happy New Year!


As the sun sets on 31st Dec 2016, another year bids us goodbye. The year witnessed many things that happened all around the globe in the field of politics, sports, cinema, economy and of course in your personal life too.Some good, some not so good! Let the setting sun for the year symbolize the laying to rest, of all the unpleasant and negatives from our lives


Let us usher in the dawn of the new year with a  resolution to  a better “us”!

Celebrate our achievements

Emerge stronger from setbacks

Invite happy times

Aim for a healthier us

Inhale the divine fragrance,

Tick items in our bucket list

Enjoy little joys

Review our goals

Add more smiles

Travel more miles

Create magical moments

String in the cherished memories

Design a better tomorrow!

Wishing all my fellow bloggers a very Happy New Year <3!


Daily Prompt – Ovation


The hues of the nature,

paints a picture so perfect.

The white robed mountain peaks

rising up to kiss the sky,

the rumbling waves singing

along the limitless oceans,

the canopy of greens

sustaining life on earth,

the tones of crimson across the horizon

enter the stage at dawn and dusk,

the fluffy white clouds

meandering across the blue expanse,

the golden sand dunes

dancing to the desert breeze.

the gentle brooks,

flowing coyly amid the woods,

Doesn’t the creator of this masterpiece

deserve a standing ovation ?

Daily Prompt – Calm


The roads are crowded with feet.

The noise, pollution and traffic,

keep following me where ever I go.

It creates unrest and ripples,

of stress and fatigue.

I look for those quiet moments,

far away from the bustling city,

in the lap of nature,

amid the tranquil surroundings,

to calm my agitated mind!

Moon Magic


As a kid, sitting at the back seat of the car and peering out of the window amused me. I remember, looking at the moon who had cute face, like that of a bunny rabbit. Often I felt that it was trying to tell me a different story every time I saw it. Sometimes it seemed to be burdened by grief, while at times it was full of mischief but most times it had a happy face. Oh, I was sure it loved me so much, that it kept following my car. So much for the innocence of a child 🙂 🙂 !!

The moon captivated so many young children with its fascinating tales. It enticed them with fairies and goblins, mythological narratives, adventure and drama. Mothers sang soothing lullaby’s to children to cajole them to slumber, under the benign glance of the moonlight. The children wondered in awe at its ability to change shape. Some questions always intrigued the kids. How did it manage to go on a strict diet and shrink and at the turn of a magic wand, suddenly start to put on weight and get back to its original shape? They loved it when it played peek a boo with the clouds. But why did it do a disappearing act once a month? These questions were always on the children’s mind, till they grew a little older and understood the phenomenon.

The mystical moon has always been a photographer’s delight. Just like a beautiful damsel, it sure does know which face to put forward for the shutterbugs. Be it the bold and the beautiful or a coy and blushing bride, it can dress up in myriad hues and avatars. It loves to flirt across the dark expansive sky, fleetingly kissing the clouds on its path.  It enchants a poet’s pen and an artist’s brush to create a master piece depicting its eternal beauty.

The silver halo of the moonlight conjures up romance between the loving hearts. From its celestial abode it casts a luminous shadow to pique the lover’s passion. Inspired by its pearlescent demeanour, romantic verses flow from the beloved’s heart. The beau likens the beauty of his sweetheart’s face to the ageless and radiant beauty of the moon. The misty and mellow moonlight, is a witness to the embrace and sublime union of the souls in love.


It arrives into the heavenly canvas

spreading its soft silver rays

to light up the dark alleys, guiding lost souls

gently cradling them to a world of dreams.

Many a tale it narrates on its journey

of love, beauty and betrayal.

Its mystic charm has many fans

who dedicate numerous odes in its praise.

The moon and its magic are always special!



Image courtesy : huffingtonpost.co.uk




अनकही बातें – Unspoken Words

IC: http://www.google.com

ख़ामोशी कभी कभी बहुत कुछ कह जाती है

वो अनकही अनसुनी दास्ताँ बयान  कर देती है

एक ऐसी ग़ज़ल की रचना  करती है

जो जाने सिर्फ  दिल और आखों की जुबां

ये नैन तेरी सुंदरता  निहारे सारी रैन

तेरे घने ज़ुल्फो के साये तले

वो खामोश लम्हे प्यार के

कैसे बयान करे हम

तन्हाई में भी एक कशिश है

जब साथ हो, आपका,

हाथो  में हाथ हो

और कुछ अनकही बातों का

Unspoken Words

At times silence speaks volumes

narrates a saga of the unspoken verses

composes a beautiful song

which speaks the language of the heart and eyes

All night my eyes soak in your beauty

In the shade of your lustrous tresses

how can I express

those beautiful moments of silence

There is beauty in solitude too

when I am with you,

hand in hand

along with some unspoken words.


IC: http://www.classroomclipart.com

Memorising formulae and equation

always gave me tension.

Finding the algebraic x and y,

left me wondering why?

Decimals or fractions

would elicit no reaction!

Trigonometry and geometry

rhymed with only the “metry”

Factors and calculus

left me nauseous!

Math was a conundrum

which always left me so glum!


In response to the daily prompt : Conundrum

Import Garbage???

This morning’s news item in the paper caught my attention. It read: “Sweden runs out of garbage, imports from other countries”!  It has a state of art recycling plant which runs on garbage.Oh! Wow!!! I couldn’t believe what I read.!!!

The article went on to elaborate that:

  • Sweden sources almost half of its electricity from renewables.
  • Less than one percent of its household waste has been sent to landfill last year.
  • The national cohesive recycling policy ensures that the energy generated from burning of waste goes into a national heating network to heat homes through the extreme cold winters.

In the present day due to reckless attitude of man in the name of development, we are playing havoc with the balance of the environment.  Conferences around the world highlight the threat of global warming. The alarming trends of the polar ice caps melting at rapid pace, drastic changes in temperature, isolated rainfall during monsoon, indiscriminate felling of trees keep making it to the headlines.

Here the landfills are rising at dangerous proportions, giving out toxic fumes. This has an alarming effect on the health of the people living in its close vicinity. The many initiatives such as Swacchh Bharat, waste segregation, ban on plastic bags have all lost their fizz after the initial gusto with which they were launched.

With the amount of garbage generated in our country, I am sure we can have a perennial supply of recyclables to run such sophisticated plants. I am sure if India and many more countries adopt this novel and innovative approach, our environmental concerns can be tackled to a large extent.


IC: http://www.google.com





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