Weekly Photo Challenge – Relax

Those beautiful moments of relaxation help us unwind! They recharge and rejuvenate us to get back to the routine with a renewed vigour. Enjoy your relaxed moments folks πŸ™‚



38 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Relax”

  1. Wonderful photography Radhika Di . ..love the way of relaxation by a beautiful lake…

    It’s fun
    Having a boat ride
    With cool breeze of air
    Gushing on my face
    It’s a bliss to touch
    Icy cold water
    Splashing it on your face
    Greeting the fish
    As they pass by
    The lake is so crystal clear
    I can see
    A wonderful world below
    Tempts me
    For scuba diving 😊

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      1. That’s the beauty of motherhood Radhika! In process of raising our kids we too grow as parents. This is the highest form of partnership based on unconditional love! I too am learning so much from my daughter. She has transformed me in many ways! Loved this post πŸ’–

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