Why should I eat all the veggies on my plate?

Why can’t I have more fries?

Why do I need to finish my homework first?

Why do I need to study Math?

Why do should I  attend the hobby class?

Why can’t I watch some more TV?

Why can’t I play longer with my friends?

Why do I need to follow a timetable?

Why not a mobile for me as yet?

Why should I go to bed by 9?

Why do all the rules apply  only to kids ?

Hey Mom,

I protest till you ease the rules!!!


In response to the daily prompt : Protest


52 thoughts on “Protest”

  1. Protest is my birth right :), so say children… and its good they protest… point is the parenting skills are challenged…that’s all…Quite a thought provoking blog, simple and effective…

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