Happy New Year!


As the sun sets on 31st Dec 2016, another year bids us goodbye. The year witnessed many things that happened all around the globe in the field of politics, sports, cinema, economy and of course in your personal life too.Some good, some not so good! Let the setting sun for the year symbolize the laying to rest, of all the unpleasant and negatives from our lives


Let us usher in the dawn of the new year with a Β resolution to Β a better “us”!

Celebrate our achievements

Emerge stronger from setbacks

Invite happy times

Aim for a healthier us

Inhale the divine fragrance,

Tick items in our bucket list

Enjoy little joys

Review our goals

Add more smiles

Travel more miles

Create magical moments

String in the cherished memories

Design a better tomorrow!

Wishing all my fellow bloggers a very Happy New Year <3!


62 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Sau nazraane diye tune
    Aap beeti kuch aur aankohn dekhi
    Kuch lamhe puraane
    Kayee sapne kalke
    Tasveeron ke raaz nihare
    Labzon mein kuch phool lapete
    Guzra zamaana ya naye tarrane
    Soch mein tere hai kayi vikalp
    Haiku Tanka Sidlak sabhi
    Humko tune pehchaan karaye
    Yunhi likhna blog hameshaa
    Intezaar karein hum bahut in sabka|
    Thank you Radhika for your blogs…look forward to many more…Wish you a wonderful new year..

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  2. It has been a pleasure reading every one of your write ups, get carried away by the creative hues of your poems. I am so very glad to have ‘met’ you, Radhika! I myself being one to very carefully tread on the poetry front, an area that you have mastered, I thank you for sharing all your creative pieces and look forward to many more this year.
    Wishing you all happiness, a lot of creativity, joyful moments with your lovely family and all things wonderful in your life and WordPress!

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    1. You are always so kind with your feedback Pranitha. The feeling is mutual when I read your posts. Each one of them is so well thought out, the words flowing out with such ease. It’s always a pleasure reading them.
      May the coming year be filled with lots of happiness and fun moments for you and your family! Looking forward to a continued friendship with you dear 😘❀

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  3. Loved the pictures Radhika and the context for which they are used.😍
    Let us all enter into 2017 with great enthusiasm. After all we got this second chance of starting it all over again after 365 days. We should make best use of it.😊
    Happy 2017, Radhika!😘😘

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