The Wait……



Waiting for her to pick us up,

As she used to many seasons ago,

The memories of those playful times still fresh,

Dressed in her pretty frock and sweet smile,

Her tiny hands cuddling us fondly,

Sleeping beside her pink pillow

Under the dimly lit night lamp,

Sharing her world of dreams and emotions,

Alas, now lost in oblivion,

Sitting quiet and gathering dust,

We wait for that little best friend of ours,

Who is now all grown up and long forgotten us!


In response to Tanya’s poetry challenge # 5



46 thoughts on “The Wait……”

  1. The cycle of life. I wish childhood could last longer than it does. But, then we’d have to change the calendar years. I miss my grown children too. Busy lives these days. No one seems to have time to slow down and savor moments with loved ones. Beautifully written post.

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    1. Absolutely agree with you Nancy. There always seems to be a great hurry to get going . The small and simple moments of joy seems to have taken a back seat from people’s lives. Thanks so much dear. 😊


  2. Who Bachpan Ke Din.. Fond memories… from the view of the long neglected teddy bears… These teddies would be mighty happy… that someone somewhere has found time and penned a few nostalgic lines for them….

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  3. Did you just watch me throughout the time? πŸ˜€
    What you wrote stand soo true..I so did sleep with all soft toys: big or small!! So happy to read this..! They will surely be back in bed tonight..!! πŸ˜„
    Thanks for being a part of this Challenge! πŸ™‚

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  4. How the picture you chose complemented the whole context of this wonderfully-penned poem! ❀
    Reading this reminded me of Barbies I used to play with as a kid. A not so vivid beautiful memory. πŸ™‚

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  5. Definitely tugs at the heart strings Radhika! Great piece πŸ™‚
    I am reminded of this particular doll my father brought for me from Japan…now wondering where she is! Probably singing something along the same lines….

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