IBMC #3-Risk for a Random Challenge

The 3rd of the 10 series challenge hosted by Prakash of

It’s a challenge to see how random can you be. Write ten sentences where there is no connection to each other. Go as random as you can get. Show the creativity in the paragraph and surprise the reader. The story sure need not make any sense. But must sure give a laugh to the reader.

For more details on the challenge click here.

My take on the prompt. Hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚

The Lion King read the Jungle Book.Β Home Alone, I was Dancing with the Wolves.Β Inferno burnt The Revenant.Β Finding Nemo was Lost in Africa.Β Spiderman weaved his web through Gravity.Β The Sound of Music had Gone with the wind.Β Pretty Woman loved her new Avatar. The Polar Express turned Inside Out.Β The Hunger Games was played in the Jurrasic Park.Β The Godfather set out on Mission Impossible.


Hope you enjoyed the randomness and disconnect with the Hollywood movies πŸ™‚





40 thoughts on “IBMC #3-Risk for a Random Challenge”

  1. Hunger games are always played by dinasaurs in Jurassic park 😁😁
    Spider man weaved his web through gravity in interstellar 😎

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