IBMC #10 -The Happiness Challenge

Welcome to the last task. This one is pretty easy!
“Happiness is … ”

Complete the sentence and grow it. Keep it a maximum of five hundred words or less.


For more on the challenge, click here.

When do we feel most happy? When we get a good grade at school or college, a promotion, new phone or when we are on a vacation? And what happens when the euphoria of all this wears away? The grade is forgotten, we have a new academic year yet again to prove ourselves, the challenge after the promotion again becomes routine, just a few months now and the new phone is already throwing tantrums, after a great holiday, life again settles into a mundane pattern. Now, are we still happy or again on the lookout for something exciting to make us happy?

A sense of void returns to our life because the key to happiness is not related to any external stimuli. Happiness is a state of mind. The moment it gets linked to the happening or non-happening of an event, it is short lived and fleeting. Happiness is a conscious choice not an automatic response.

“Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. “Albert Schweitzer

When one is happy from within he/she doesn’t need the support of external aids to feel happy. The journey to explore within oneself to reach a state of “Ananda” or eternal bliss is a long one.

Gazing around me I discovered a plethora of little things in our everyday life which help us tread this fascinating journey of life with a happy frame of mind, as it is rightly said, “Happiness is a journey, not a destination!”

Being amid nature, listening to music, a random act of kindness, curling up with a great book, cooking a meal and enjoying it with family, a baby’s laughter, bringing smile to someone’s face,  baking aroma wafting from my oven, an empty parking place in a busy area, sleeping on my mother’s lap, the smell of the first raindrops on the parched earth, learning something out of my comfort zone……….oh! The list is endless!


I had a great time in participating in this challenge. Hope you all enjoyed it as well <3!

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28 thoughts on “IBMC #10 -The Happiness Challenge”

  1. “Gazing around me I discovered a plethora of little things in our everyday life which help us tread this fascinating journey of life with a happy frame of mind…” True, happiness is just around the corner!
    It made me happy reading this one, Radhika. Especially the list of things that make you happy 🙂
    Your last task was perfectly done! 🙂

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  2. Great and so loved your awesome post Radhika. Happiness all the way and there is nothing like Happiness but Happiness. So nice to feel happy and keep smiling and make others smile and be happy too. That is what we need to do. Be happy in ourselves to make other happy. Real happiness likes in making other happy.

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  3. Radhika, A request to add one more flower to your bouquet that gives happiness.

    It is writing such heartwarming blogs for us, all your fans; to the ones reading them and sharing them.

    Am i not right ?

    The happy one.

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  4. Happiness is being on my bicycle, cresting a hill and coming across new perfect blacktop. I can feel the bike wanting to move, rolling easier. My effort is reflected in my progress. The cogs sing a song. The friction sounds beautiful and my eyes widen to the road ahead.

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