An Envelope-My story!


Yes, you guessed it right. I am an envelope, the carrier of messages across the world.

A simple sheet of paper and some adhesive is all that is required to create me. But I am glad that from my insipid and dull persona, people have given me a makeover. I now feel so colourful and attractive. I am basking in all the attention my looks are able to garner ❤ !

I am the bearer of the news to people across different countries.  I travel the globe, even to the remotest corner of the world, without a passport. Ain’t  I lucky ;-).

I have had the privilege to deliver the good and the bad news.

Many a smile I have brought to their faces, when I arrive with pleasant stories and news. The birth of a young one, a promotion order, a cheque enclosed, an invitation, a holiday itinerary, and son returning home and so on.

But when I am the harbinger of sad news, my tender shoulders hurt carrying the emotional burden sealed within me. I am not allowed to share it with any of my other mates too.  I dread to face the scenes of gloom with tears overflowing generously from the heart broken souls.

These days, thanks to the rapid development of technology, I am getting a lot of rest. My travel has reduced tremendously. They are mostly official trips. Since I have also reached a ripe old age, this suits me fine. Also the emotional burden off my shoulders is a huge relief, as people use the mobiles to convey the unpleasant news.

Just a few more years of life in me. Then you all will pay your tributes for the wonderful work I did all my life. Maybe an obituary in the Newspaper as a mark of respect for my selfless service.” R. I. P – The envelope”



56 thoughts on “An Envelope-My story!”

  1. “Yeh mera prem patra padakar
    tum naraz na hona………………” Film sangam

    Chitti aayi hai chitti aayi hai
    watan se chitti aayi………………..Pankaj Udas

    , The envelope has strummed a thousand memories of yonder days,… never to return.

    Yes, life had its moments……of mushiness and heartbreaks.Your blog is a spaceship that took me decades back down the memory lane.

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    1. What a lovely way to connect to the envelope. Both the above songs so beautifully bring out the emotions of the letter. Glad that my post took you back in the time machine to revel in the nostalgic memories. Thank you so much 😇😊


  2. I feel it’s the best deal in town: sending mail. I sent a letter to a friend in NZ yesterday from the US. It only cost $1.36 which is nothing to make someone happy. How much nicer to send a REAL letter, not an email to someone? We’ve lost the art of letter writing and people will have no memories to have years down the road. It’s sad.

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    1. I am sure your friend will be thrilled to receive your letter. I agree with you, the happiness and feel of a real letter is so wonderful, which is totally lacking in other modes of virtual communication. Times are changing too fast!!

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