Our vacation to a few European countries some years back evokes fond memories even today. One of the places we visited during the last leg of our trip was Zakopane in Poland . We were five families, totalling about 16 members who traveled together from India. It was a picnic all the way with great company, fun, games and bonding  🙂

Nestled in a valley between the majestic Tatra mountains and Gubalowka Hills, Zakopane is located at the southernmost region of Poland, bordering Slovakia. A popular tourist destination, summers are a good time for treks and hiking while winter attracts the ski lovers.

Leaving behind the architectural marvel of Krakow, we started for Zakopane after our lunch. The drive was a pleasant one.  Bright and sunny, with a nip in the air, excellent roads and the natural scenic beauty of the place kept us delighted.  As we approached Zakopane, the weather was becoming colder. The lush green grass meadows, the quaint sloped roof houses and the majestic mountains welcomed us to this beautiful tourist destination.

After a sumptuous breakfast the next morning, we headed to the foothills of the mountains for the eagerly awaited trek. The trek in the Koscieliska Valley was an exhilarating one. The scenic trail presented a breath taking view, with gurgling streams and several caves enroute to the tranquil lake beyond the valley. Enjoying the company of friends  helped us complete the day long trek with ease. Surprisingly none of us were tired at the end of the day. The reason for that I guess was that the air there was so fresh and pure, devoid of any kind of pollutants!

Next morning was an exciting one.  The expedition to one of the highest peak in the Tatra mountains, the Kasprowy Wierch. The route was covered by cable car upto 1900 meters and then we trekked up to reach the peak at 2012 meters. The Kaspowry Wierch is a half Polish half Slovakian mountain with the border visible from the top of the peak. At the peak, the cold wind was blowing so hard that it was difficult to keep balance. On the other side was the view of  Slovakia. It was truly a top of the world feeling with all of us singing “Brawo! Brawo! Brawoossimo!” a song sung by the Polish scouts to applaud a courageous effort!

The next day was spent in local sightseeing .The distinctive cottages and the architectural style which was inspired by folk traditions were impressive. Evening was spent in playing games and fun activities.

Next morning did some retail therapy in the buzzing market place, before heading back to the airport for our return trip, with beautiful memories in heart!



Purple Masterpiece!


On a hot noon,

in the month of June,

I glanced on a purple crayon

as I gave out a lazy yawn.

Mom was busy with work,

so I didn’t want to be a jerk.

Looked for something to draw

the white wall was without a flaw.

I unleashed my artistic skills

which gave me a huge thrill.

As I stood back to admire my masterpiece,

Mom gave a loud shriek, breaking the peace!

I wondered, what did I do ???

In response to the daily Prompt : Purple.


Tanka – Earth & Water


Called a blue planet

majestic aqua oceans

kindling its own symphony

waves ebbing in harmony

with the footprints on the shore!


In response to Colleens weekly  poetry challenge #26 – Earth and Water

I have used the synonyms planet and aqua in their place.

Theme reveal for the A to Z Challenge!

A2Z-BADGE-100 [2017]

Hi friends!

Welcome to the  A to Z challenge!


Today the curtains unveil on the theme reveal for the challenge.

The dictionary defines Kaleidoscope as: Constantly changing patterns and sequence of elements!

Isn’t it so true for our thoughts too? There are so many inter connected layers of ideas and thoughts, each unravelling to open something new. It presents us with an imagery of new and different emotions and experiences. Just like a kaleidoscope, our thoughts present an incredible combination of imagination and creative reflection on different aspects of everyday life. At times it unfolds itself, with all its splendour and grandeur while on other days it is takes refuge under gloom and sadness.


My theme for this year’s challenge is “Kaleidoscope of thoughts”. The combination of thoughts and ink weaves magic, like the intricate designs of the Kaleidoscope. Witness and enjoy the designs my posts weave out for you in the form of points to ponder, mesmerising nature’s beauty, poetic panache, stories of everyday life and humour. So dear friends, grab your coffee, sit back and relax with my posts, which I promise will keep you great company throughout this month long journey.

This is my first A to Z challenge and am eager and excited to embark on it. Wishing all my fellow bloggers all the very best. Do keep visiting and let me know how you are enjoying the designs! Hope to befriend many more talented bloggers in this wonderful journey!

Happy blogging ❤ !


Award Free Blog


A big thank you to all my wonderful fellow bloggers for all the awards you nominated me  for, during my journey in the blogosphere. It has been an absolute honour and I enjoyed doing each one of them.

As I have got a fair share of awards to my credit, I would like to make my blog “An award free blog” so that more newcomers get a chance to bask in the glory of the beautiful awards.

Your feedback and acknowledgement go a long way in keeping me motivated. Do keep them coming. Gratitude for all the support you have bestowed on me 🙂

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