Tanka – Help & Smile

ic: http://www.pinterest.com

Ever smiling face,

helping hands that loved and healed

a beacon of light

divine mother to millions

dwell in our hearts for ever!


In response to Colleen’s Weekly Tanka challenge 23 – Help & Smile


41 thoughts on “Tanka – Help & Smile”

      1. I visit Missionaries of Charities home in Calcutta often since I live in Calcutta and also I love being with the children….it’s Her and God’s place…

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  1. She was the manifestation that humanity is endowed with the capacity to be divine – in intents and acts.
    I agree with Susmita, indeed a beautiful tribute to a great soul 💜

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      1. That’s for sure …a lot change with a little efforts of everyone collectively. ..good morning Radhika Di. ..it must be exam time and year end for your daughter

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  2. Superb! There were times when I was adamant on joining her missionary but family pressure stoped me from doing so. But one day I’m going to devote rest of my life for such noble cause!
    Beautiful tribute Radhika! 💖

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