Solo Driving Expedition!


Wanting to learn driving, I enrolled myself in a driving school. Well the month long class was great, and I felt confident of driving around on my own. Next couple of times, I drove around for short distances with husband by my side, guiding me and giving me the much required support and confidence. Well finally the day arrived when I had to take the car out all by myself.

With my heartbeat racing, nervous but telling myself that I could do it, I set out.  The drive was pretty decent for a first timer after an initial jerky start. By the time I arrived at my destination, I was feeling really happy about how I drove.

After completing my work, I got back into the car and started off.  I had  just got onto a flyover and saw that there was a massive line-up of vehicles, literally bumper to bumper. The traffic was moving at snail’s pace. Now the panic mode set in. All my confidence and feel good factor vanished into thin air! I could only inch forward, constantly oscillating between the clutch and break. When I tried to go ahead the car would move back as I was on an incline. I don’t know how many times I chanted a prayer to the Lord, pleading him to get me out of the traffic snarl. Maybe He did hear my prayer. I somehow did manage to come out of the mayhem unscathed but sweating profusely because of the tension. The drive on that flyover which normally takes a couple of minutes, took almost 45 minutes. You could imagine my ordeal.  What a relief it was reach back home without a mishap. I offered a heartfelt thank you to God for bailing me out of the mess.

This  was many years ago. Have been driving ever since.  Now when I look back at it, I smile at my nervous yet successful first time solo driving expedition!

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40 thoughts on “Solo Driving Expedition!”

      1. This is a motivating read R. Thanks so much for sharing 😊🙌very much appreciate that. I really hope I make up my mind to change gears soon ..


  1. what an experience! It’s worth sharing. It is going to give all other women that are afraid to drive on their own – and equally some men, courage to do so. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I got through my first solo drive thanks to the swift reaction and skills of other drivers , pedestrians, hand carts, and cycle rikshwas.and not to mention the convoy of Military trucks . That of course was in jorhat in 1963 when cars were a status symbol , and had the right of way..

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  3. that’s so real and common….even if you look back and try to remember the pose while we sat….it must be funny….so conscious and erect…..and a horn from the back just disturbs us too much….as if we did some mistake….

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  4. Congratulations Radhika! This is for you👏👏👏👏👏 and a standing ovation in all sincerity. I have a driving license and used to drive too but with my heart in my mouth. The whole point of having my children’s life literally in my hand freaked me out. I took a brake from driving after my little one kept screaming but will start refresher classes soon. Please do give me tips on how u went about it🙏🏻

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    1. Thanks dear for the standing ovation. You make me feel on top of the world 😍😊. Initially it was the same for me too. Would get so tense whenever I had to drive. No music, no talking. Full focus only on the road 😁. But taking the car out every day is the only way to gain confidence. Then it becomes natural. Pranitha, do take it up again. I am sure you will get over the initial apprehension. Good luck dear👍

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  5. I enjoyed it. It reminds me of my first such expedition on a ascending road and getting trapped in the traffic. I got out of that truly in a ‘rustic’ way. About that I may blog soon. I really forgot about that. Your small but beautiful write up has rekindled that memories.
    . Thanks a lot.

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