Award Free Blog


A big thank you to all my wonderful fellow bloggers for all the awards you nominated me  for, during my journey in the blogosphere. It has been an absolute honour and I enjoyed doing each one of them.

As I have got a fair share of awards to my credit, I would like to make my blog “An award free blog” so that more newcomers get a chance to bask in the glory of the beautiful awards.

Your feedback and acknowledgement go a long way in keeping me motivated. Do keep them coming. Gratitude for all the support you have bestowed on me 🙂


47 thoughts on “Award Free Blog”

  1. Good decision R. 😀 I too made that decision some time last year. It’s fun in the beginning when you get awards, then it starts flooding 😂😂 and finally it becomes boring. 😉

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  2. It’s a lot of work getting the ‘awards’ I admit. I was so happy when I first got them until I kind of realized what they were and how long it took to ‘accept’ them. It’s nice to be acknowledged, but the WordPress awards to me seem more like a pyramid scheme…? :/

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