Alphabet E – Escape

A to Z Challenge


Day #06 –  ** Theme Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


Children want to escape doing their daily homework,

Husband wants to escape accompanying the wife on a shopping jaunt,

Wife wants to escape watching the soccer match,

Grandparents want to escape the strict diet they are required to follow,

Commuters want to escape the traffic snarl,

Employee wants to escape the boss’s ire,

Companies want to escape working within budget constraints!

All of us have a long list of things which we don’t enjoy doing, yet are forced to do it. It is then that the mind looks for escape routes, albeit for a short while at least. We scout for the open doors or secret pathways to plan our escape from the chores we are compelled to complete.

Entangled in the web of harsh realities

Silencing the swell of emotional turbulence within,

Chasing dreams never ending,

Alternate paths, the mind seeks for freedom,

Patience waning  to be a lost virtue,

Elaborate plans made for the grand escape!

The above is an Acrostic poem for ESCAPE!

71 thoughts on “Alphabet E – Escape”

      1. Thank you Radhika for letting me know. It’s takes a few weeks to activate, so may be the future posts you will get in your reader. Please let me know. Thanks for this great help Radhika.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. And reading this post must not be escaped! The first few lines got the laughs. 🙂

    The Acrostic poem is too good. With all the tangled things, at times, escape seems to be best option to do!


  2. Excellent post, but I’m afraid I have the Pina Colada Song “Escape” in my head now. Just the way my brain works, I’m afraid.


  3. Oh my God ! I loved this one Radhika! Amazing piece! Especially the first part since I’m constantly trying to get out of watching certain games that the husband loves;) My favourite escape is into the land of books!

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