Alphabet L – Lost!

A to Z Challenge


Day 14 – ** Theme : Kaleidoscope of thoughts**

Bustling streets, screeching tyres,

blaring sirens, blinking lights,

blowing horns, choking voices,

smoky air, buildings galore

depleting trees, warmer days,

hooting trains, traffic snarls,

Lost in the chaotic city!


Malicious minds, venomous tongues

shattering dreams,  scattered feelings

illusionary happiness, tired souls,

heated infernos, eroding values

disconnected families, strained relationships,

Lost in the waves of emotional behaviour!


Mired in the mayhem of

turbulent perceptions,

in the mundane and humdrum,

in the anarchic lifestyle

the mind and  the soul

wander in search to emerge

out of the crooked maze

rambling like nomads,

Totally lost!



42 thoughts on “Alphabet L – Lost!”

  1. rambling like nomads totally lost. Superb lines of truth in this world of chaos and loved this wonderful poem Radhika. So apt with your picture of this hustle and bustle of life and really like nomads we are wandering here and there in search of silence. Great poem.

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  2. OMG…living amidst all this ….we go through life…….like sheep in a herd!

    Your livid lines of haunting reality, reminds one of Dante’s Inferno!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Lost in the city, we all are, lost in our meaningless existance keeping our lives too busy to stop and stare at nature’s wonders, to eat a sumptuous meal, to give that dazzling smile, but just to hoard your lifeless life in riches and material wealth only to leave you in an expensive hospital bed and a few ‘ I wish’ in your head!
    A sad truth, so well expressed, Radhika!

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  4. Well written Radhika!I love how you string your words into something profound such as this!:) I can relate to these words immensely!
    It’s all a blur sometimes, isn’t it? Lost in the hustle bustle and the sudden epiphanies of slowing down…

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