Alphabet V – Vacation

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Hooray! Its holiday season and we are off on vacation. Don’t we all very eagerly wait for them? Vacations give us a break from our routine and help us refresh ourselves. For kids there are no rules for getting up early in the morning, going to school, to complete their homework or study. For parents there is no 9 o’clock call or meeting 😉

Oh, what fun it is to be able to spend time according to one’s wish! A holiday is a perfect time to feel as snug as a bug in a rug!

Vacations have a charm to it. Hearing the name itself lights up one’s face. The excitement on deciding the place, where to stay, how to travel makes it to the rounds of discussions. But these days thanks to the plethora of information and options available at the press of a few keys, the task is a child’s play. Then packing, what to take and what not, actually takes up more of our time 😉

Exploring the place, hanging out with friends, tasting the local cuisines, clicking infinite pictures, buying souvenirs and shopping, the list just doesn’t end.


There is magic to explore. Be it the mesmerising mountains, or the beauty of the warm beaches, the adrenaline high for the adventure lovers, the serenity for the mystical spiritual seekers, the walk through the forest for those who want to be close to nature and wildlife. No matter what place you choose, a vacation always helps you detox, destress and rejuvenate.

Taking unlimited pictures are definitely the highlight of any vacation. Outdoor, indoors, in different moods and poses, ever ready for that Kodak moment. Many seasons later those beautiful pictures narrate a nostalgic story bringing us many smiles and memories!

Which has been your best vacation so far?




55 thoughts on “Alphabet V – Vacation”

  1. “Vacation” this word itself brings happiness and joy in my mind.

    Missing my school summer vacations unlike the college semester exams are in 2nd week of May and just after a week the college reopens …but nevertheless I will try to make my vacation of 1 week as enjoyable as possible though I have planned nothing yet

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  2. My best one is usually my next one – the anticipation is awesome. So many great ones to choose from. So many moments stand out.


  3. I can’t pick just one as “best ever”. I’ve been fortunate to have had so many great trips. I don’t even think I could necessarily pick a favourite destination! Great post, Radhika … I’ll bet it puts a smile on everyone’s face 🙂

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  4. He he.. this was a cheerful post. I was in enthusiasm reading this. 🙂

    Me and my friend had been on a 3 day road trip roaming around Maharashtra. That is my best. Beats all others, even the fortnight ones! 🙂

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  5. This is my favorite word “Vacation”. Loved this post. “No matter what place you choose, a vacation always helps you detox, destress and rejuvenate.” This holds quite true. My favorite vacation till now is our Goa trip. 😀

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  6. Vacation from childhood reminds me of our visits to grandparents home and a different kind of enjoyment with siblings, cousins…. These days the definition of vacation has changed… It’s more of exploring new places,landscapes, pictures,cuisines, languages…. It’s definitely a time to look forward to. Nice post radhika. Brought back fond memories of our vacation s to different places.👍

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  7. Enjoy your break, Radhika! Your write up got me counting on how many more months left for our next vacation. The only problem with vacations it seems to take forever to get there but when your there it just passes off before you actually begin to relax.

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  8. Interesting post ! Beautifully Written !
    As for the best vacations , We visited a beautiful Hill station in North India recently & it was second best vacation after our Dubai holidays !
    And Here ‘s a short write up from my recently updated Travel Diary :
    My ‘With Family’ story of a near perfect Hill Station !!(Photograph based short story )
    Hope you find it interesting ! 🙂

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