78 thoughts on “CFFC – Sky”

  1. sunrise…. a panorama against the background of the wisps of clouds. The mind is lulled to tranquility.
    It is a treat to watch for lovers of beauty.
    The whole world gets energised..
    The ironical part is a large number of the masses, cozy up in the bed or busy with their morning papers and the cuppa because it is a daily routine tor the sun to rise!.So what is new?
    Instead, what if the sun rose from the east once in a year with all the splendour? It is your take to imagine!!!!

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  2. Hi!
    Nice post! I’ve made post about sky and some other topics so if you have time and will please go and check it! I’m new here so it would mean a lot to me.
    If you like it pls follow, I follow you! πŸ˜€
    Thank you!

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