Anniversary Special!


Today my blog, has turned one! Exactly a year back, I embarked on this project to bring forward my thoughts to a greater audience. The journey so far has been very fulfilling. Learning is a continuous process. My endeavour to better myself as a writer will always continue. I am in awe of many of the talented writers among you. I have had the good fortune of reading some amazing literary pieces, poetry, fiction and a host of other amazing work. I feel elated at how much I have learnt from all of you! Being privy to myriad styles, infinite ideas and the amazing magic of words has helped me tremendously in the last year.

This a gratitude post for all the support and encouragement all my readers have bestowed on me. I thank each one of my followers and blogger friends for all the feedback you constantly give me.


The confluence of thoughts and ink

emanates from the heart

leaving footprints of my words.

Basking in the sunshine

of love and warmth

you all shower on it!

Gratitude always  β€ !



115 thoughts on “Anniversary Special!”

  1. Congratulations !!
    You managed to get 1300 plus followers within a year, that’s some achievement. I am 4 months away from one year and mine are less than 200. Congrats !!
    Any tips for the ones like me on how to get a good follower base?

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      1. You are really gifted in your writings else I do daily prompts but not that luck lady. Happy for you!!
        Not just a post you must celebrate your dedication of writing daily by going out for a meal or something !!

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  2. Congratulations Radhika !!
    Having 1300 plus followers within a span of one year is quite an impressive achievement. Any tips on how to get a good follower base for bloggers like me?
    Congratulations once again !!


  3. Many hearty congratulations Radhika! So happy for you and your expresses your thoughts so well:)Also, thank you for sharing your wonderful articles, poems, pictures with us. It is refreshing as well insightful. Keep delighting us with your work on this blog. Happy Birthday to Radhika’s Reflection

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  4. Party time Radhika πŸ’
    Many Many congratulations to my dear friend, inspirational writer and a very positive person!
    May this blog keep growing, shining and sparkling always ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Lots of love and warmest wishes! ☺😘😍

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  5. Happy anniversary radhikasreflection ☺
    Continue to be a source of wisdom and encouragement. Looking forward to reading more from your posts.
    All the best! πŸŽ‰

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  6. Hearty Congratulations dear, I think May is a great month, even I started blogging around this time last year. I can’t believe it’s been just one year, you’ve come a long way dear, and I wish you all the best for your future ventures.
    This year we decided to migrate, blogging has been the most empowering thing in my life so far. I am so glad I got to connect with talented people like you.

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