Daily Prompt : Hospitality


The warmth of sunshine on a cold winter morn,

the branches joining in a canopy

providing shade to the weary traveller

rains, the sustainer and nurturer of life

the vibrant swaying flowers, add to the aesthetic beauty

the fruits satiating hunger

trees contributing to every breath,

O cruel man, how selfish can you get?

Enjoy nature’s hospitality

with gratitude, not by loot!


38 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Hospitality”

  1. Beautiful verse and nature is awesome – and free!we just need to learn to slow down and look at what’s under our noses 😃🐻

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  2. Absolutely, Radhika! The detrimental effects of man’s loot is revealing its dark side gradually. Yet it is not too late, we can still reverse our damage before it goes out of hand, for our children at least!

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