Architectural Marvel!


I can’t help but marvel at the creative talents the architects and sculptors around the world had since ancient times. The intricate carvings, alluring beauty, the exquisite craftsmanship, the fine detailing of these structures is truly mesmerizing. Each building, temple, church, synagogue or monument of the days of yore has a story to tell. The technical know how, wisdom and vision of the workers is awe inspiring. All this was done centuries before the advent of “google” and technology.

Today, we have tall skyscrapers, but they are no match to the aesthetic beauty of those ancient structures. Each part of the world has many appealing monuments to be proud of.  Taj Mahal, The Pyramids of Egypt, The great wall of China, The Colosseum, Angkor Wat and many more all across the globe. I bow down to all those great unknown workers and sculptors who gifted the world such fine works of art, unparalleled till date.

I am sharing with you a few pictures of the opulent Grand Palace in Bangkok, which is a perfect example of the majestic and stunning architecture!


Which architectural marvel of the world has impressed you the most?



60 thoughts on “Architectural Marvel!”

  1. In answer to your question, there are quite a few, but more than the Taj (which I think is overrated), the forts in Rajasthan never cease to amaze me. The fact that such solid and spectacular monuments could be built in the desert and without modern technology or transport/infrastructure, is a stupendous achievement.

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    1. Unfortunately have traveled to so many places in India and abroad but somehow have missed out on Rajasthan. Surely on the top of my must visit places.But I have seen the pictures of it’s forts and palaces on TV. They are simply spectacular! The planning and detailing that had gone into constructing those monuments is mind boggling…….and like you said in the trecherous sandy terrains, hundreds of years ago!!!!

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  2. Great post, Radhika! I share that sense of wonder over amazing architecture. It’s incredible what we humans can invent. This post actually reminded me of a documentary series that I found fascinating, it was called Engineering an Empire and it looked at the incredible feats of engineering by ancient builders right up to more “recent” civilisations.

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    1. Thank you Kim! Each of the ancient structure you picture, reflects a great creative, scientific and brilliant mind at work. It’s amazing how those structures are standing tall today, facing the vagaries of time and weather, each with a unique story to tell!

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  3. All this was done centuries before the advent of “google” and technology :- Very well said,Mam. I was actually a bit sad that I didn’t get to read your posts these many days. Happy to read your post again. 🙂

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      1. Very true… Almost every country has something to be proud of. हर प्रान्त और देश की कोई न कोई खास इमारत, व्यंजन या परिधान होता है जो विशिष्ट होता है ।

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  4. Wonderful picture, Tadhika, must look even magical in reality.
    Never been to any of the heritage sites that the world boasts of but it is the pyramids that intrigue me. I wish to travel to Egypt some day and stand before those tall pyramids of Giza.
    India also boasts of many temples and architectural marvels, some still remain unexplained by the modern architects. May be we, the present generation, are overestimating our abilities as there were a generation of humans far superior than us.

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    1. Yes, Pranitha. The palace is a majestic sight to witness.
      Absolutely agree with you. The creative intellect and foresight of their generation is definitely superior to the present lot. They had no technological aids to help them. The structures they have erected all across the globe are simply spectacular!!

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