Mercury rising, blazing sun,

scorching heat, sticky clothes

sweat streaming down the brow,

withering trees, parched lakes

silent winds, famished birds

people all indoors!

Pool, ice-creams, juices

all just a temporary respite.

The forlorn eyes scanning the sky

in vain to look for the dark clouds

Oh, rains where are you hiding?

Bless  my land with your touch and

quench the thirsty souls with your nectar!









89 thoughts on “Summer”

  1. Experienced a prolonged hot season many times before here in our place. That when the first rain comes, seemed like the heavens opened up its floodgates and poured out “blessings” upon men, and all the people literally went out of their houses unto the streets scrambling to immerge themselves unto, thinking that it was limited and would immediately pass.
    I remember myself going outside too, to feel the raindrops on my face. ‘Twas an ethereal feeling. Felt soooo good after more than half a year of drought, haha. Far better than a couple of refreshing long bathroom showers.
    Very vivid description Radhika. Great writing as always ☺

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  2. Rain rain go away , come again another day, little Johnny wants to play…Was such a common rhyme for is to sing during our childhood.. Little did we realize, that the rains would really go away..😓😓
    We should teach our children to sing rain rain come again…
    Well written radhika 👍

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  3. Bahut khub likhaa aapne . bahut badhiyaa mere taraf se Hindi men Earth between summer & rain poem.

    आसमान में गरज रहा क्यों मेघा रे,
    तेरी धरती प्यासी प्यास बुझा जा रे|

    नजरों से था दूर याद मैं करती थी,
    रात-दिन आने की राह निरखती थी,
    पास में आकर दूर समझ ना पाऊँ मैं,
    अपनी दर्द को कैसे अब दिखलाऊँ मैं,
    आँखमिचौली धुप से खेल ना मेघा रे,
    तेरी धरती प्यासी प्यास बुझा जा रे |

    इंसानों सी आदत तूने कहाँ से सीखा मेघ बता,
    अपने प्रियतम को तरसाना कब से सीखा मेघ बता,
    धुप बिरह की मुझे जलाती,सहती तेरी यादों में,
    नजर दिखाकर पास ना आना,कहाँ से सीखा मेघ बता,
    अब तो आजा तुझे बुलाऊँ ऐ मेघा मतवाला रे,
    तेरी धरती प्यासी प्यास बुझा जा रे |

    तड़प देखकर गरज उठा,आगोश में धरती आयी,
    पिघल गया बादल उसने धरती की प्यास बुझाई,
    शांत धरा,चहुओर घेरकर ,गरज के बरसा मेघा,
    ओस, कुहासा, कोहरा बन, धरती पर डाला डेरा,
    प्यास बुझी धरती की,मेघा मतवाले,
    तेरी धरती अब ना प्यासी मेघा रे ,
    आसमान में गरज रहा क्यों मेघा रे,
    तेरी धरती अब ना प्यासी मेघा रे |

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  4. Rain rain come again…
    What a description of summer. It took me back to childhood days when keeping us indoors was a tough job for our moms. Even heat of summer was failed to restrain us from playing.
    Loved your way of describing it 😍

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