From my travels I pick you up

all so colourful and bright

in different shapes and sizes

each , with a story to tell.

You sit snugly together

on my refrigerator,

taking me back in time,

kindling fond memories

of holidays spent with

family and friends,

of the beautiful places visited.

With open arms you welcome

new magnets to your clan,

that each of my trip brings.

I wish we humans could emulate

the camaraderie you exhibit.


In response to Daily prompt : Magnet


Recipe for a perfect post!


Serves: All

Level: Easy

Cooking time: 10 minutes to an hour


Ideas                                     : A headful

Typing skills                        : A handful

Editing skills                        : An eyeful



Carefully clean the tender ideas and thoughts that sprout up in your mind.

Let it soak in the creative juices for some time. Churn them well inside your head.

Give them a good toss and scoop them on to a plate. Add in the spices and flavours.

Knead it well. Roll them and trim the edges.

Take small portions and give them the shape of poetry, article or a story.

Type out on the tray and bake for 5 minutes.

Garnish with appropriate pictures and quotes.

Preview before serving.

Your platter with a beautiful dish is now ready to head to the table for service.

Bask in all the adulation and likes of readers and well wishers!


Do share your recipe for a perfect post !

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ic: Kat Myrman

They were the masters at climbing the tower during their college days. Today, on their 25th alumni meet, they still enjoyed it as much.

Wc: 135 characters

In response to Twiterring tale # 36, hosted by Kat of . Tell a story on the given prompt in 140 characters or less.


Story in a sentence!


 “Stupid boy!” He believed yet another label his mother had judged him with!


He succumbed to the pressure of failing to meet the high expectations of his parents.


Honeymoon couple. Tragedy strikes. One returns!   


The hungry faces watched the lavish birthday party through the glass door!


The bullet did not kill him, but her letter did!

Monsoon – Haiku

This Challenge is hosted by Sangbad of for the Fortnight Friday Fables jointly with Sheetal Bharadwaj.

The rules are :

Write a haiku on Monsoon.

Now, remember Haiku is the easy part. The main challenge is:

 Writing shall not be in a conventional manner i.e. 5-7-5 or free-verse; it shall follow the following pattern–

i. 3-5-3

ii. 2-3-2

iii. 1-3-1

My haiku for the above challenge:

download (21)

Dark clouds melt

pearly droplets fall

green life thrives









Daily Prompt – Commit!


Commit yourself to a cause, relationship, fitness, diet or a belief and let the results surprise you!

Conviction in your belief

Overcoming apprehension

Making way for a disciplined regimen

Meaningful path chartered

Impressive strides taken

Triumphant victory prevails!


The above is an acrostic poem.

Fun time!


Alliteration is a term that describes a literary stylistic device. It  is the repetition of the same initial letter or the same first consonant sound in a sentence. For example,

The slimy snake slithered slowly or Tim tasted the tangy tangerine.

So, here I am presenting to you my set of alliterations from A to Z with the central theme of nature. Do add on your list to it . I’m sure its going to be some fun time.

Acute avalanche made the ascent arduous.

Blooming buds, beauty at its best.

Cumulus clouds congregate at the celestial carnival.

Divas dancing on the desert dunes.

Environment endangered, no escape.

Flocking flamingos feast on fish.

Grumpy goats graze on the green grass.

Hungry hyenas howling across the hills.

Idle icy icicles iced indefinitely.

Jack and Jill joined the jungle jaunt.

Ken knelt on the knoll to look for the key.

Lilies on the lake, look lovely.

Mighty mountains mesmerized the meandering minds.

Nature nurtures and nourishes.

Owls ogle at the orange Orangutan.

Painting a placid pond on paper.

Queer quails queued up quickly.

Relentless raindrops rattled the rooftop.

Serene surroundings satiate the seeking soul.

Treacherous terrain made travelling tough.

Uma underestimated the power of the unicorn.

Vera took a vertical view of the vineyard.

Wafting waves and winds wallowed in a wonderful waltz.

Xavier xeroxed the Xylobium.

Young yak looked yonder to see a yellow yo-yo.

Zealous zebra zipped through the zoo zone.


The last meal!

Photo by Tyler Hendy at

The doctor had given up all hope on her ailing child. The mother brought her son out for dinner, probably  their last meal together!


Wc: 133 characters

In response to Twiterring tale # 35, hosted by Kat of . Tell a story on the given prompt in 140 characters or less.

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