Daily prompt – A New Me!!



Sly and shallow, doubts creep up

infests my mind like termites.

Eroding the barricades

robs me of my confidence

sends in, its accomplices

apprehension and fear

to dwell within me.

Crippling my power

to stand tall,

forcing me to retreat

into my cocoon.



When I can no longer

tolerate the uncertainties,

my mind sets out

to find its lost comrades

who drifted apart

with the winds of change.

In the chaotic maze of life,

I seek and befriend

confidence and belief,

who help me conquer

my shortcomings.

Without its buddies,

doubt is banished into an exile.

Courage and hard work now

join hands and laugh out in unison

echoing my triumph

and celebrating a new me!


In response to daily prompt – Triumph


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