The Last Shoot!

ic: Kecia Spartin

In response to FFAW Challenge # 122 hosted by Priceless Joy

Write a story for the above prompt photo in 100 – 150 words (+ – 25).

Here is my story:

Raj and Jai moved into the cottage away from the maddening city crowd. Both were veteran wildlife photographers and found the cottage close to the jungle perfect for their work. Both of them were excited about the new series they were working on, for the Wildlife channel.

They had worked on many projects together. This was their last one, after which Raj was moving to the US to join his son.

The next morning, Raj woke up early to saunter around the place. The earthy smell of the forest, the leaf carpeted path, calls of the animals echoing, he found the beauty of the forest comforting . He was at peace with himself.

Raj’s bloodcurdling scream shattered the peace of the morning. Rushing out Jai saw Raj lying at a short distance from the house. Sprinting across, he saw a venomous reptile slither away into the bushes.

If only they had listened to the local, who had forewarned them not to stay in that cottage, as it was haunted!

Wc: 169 words



43 thoughts on “The Last Shoot!”

  1. Ooh I didn’t see that coming! Nice use of language in the short word count and great take on the prompt! Thanks for sharing such a great story ๐Ÿ™‚

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