Haibun – Baking Affair!


I get into an indulgent mood and decide to do some baking. The apron clings on to me. As I gently caress the creamy butter and sugar, they blend into pristine silkiness. The flour, eggs and vanilla crumble in together. The whisk romantically flirts around and takes them on a spin. In goes some spice to enhance the flavour. Delicate hands bind them tenderly and shape them with care. Lined perfectly, they are all set to get ignited to the heat and passion of the oven. The wait, now gets restless. Finally out comes the perfectly baked cookies. I dust them with sprinkling of sugar and they are all set to be tasted.

Aromas beckon

taste buds savour sugar and spice

perfect symphony!


In response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge #40 – Sugar and Spice




Haibun is a prosimetric literary form originating in Japan, combining prose and haiku. The range of haibun is broad and frequently includes autobiography, diary, essay, prose poem, short story and travel journal.




82 thoughts on “Haibun – Baking Affair!”

  1. This is one of the best descriptions of cookies I have come across, Radhika 😀 I don’t have a sweet tooth but this one demands an exception 😀 I especially loved the line – The whisk romantically flirts around and takes them on a spin.

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  2. Radhika, I want those sweets, now! Your Haibun put me in your moment and I was using all five senses as you were whipping up your delightful prose. ❤

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      1. It shows, Radhika. I think baking is more like an addiction once you get your hands on it and definitely with some trials, tribulations, some burning up and tarring up, a little understanding of the oven and the right measure and right ingredients makes baking just great. You seem to have mastered them all.
        Happy baking, Radhika 🙂 At least we will have some yummy tea cakes to go with our tea.


  3. Oh I would love to see what you baked Radhika! Those cookies sound absolutely delicious and I love your description…it’s making me hungry! Maybe I’ll gather my baking tools and apron and get on with it now!:-)

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