The Dance!


Today,  the frail Mark and Melinda celebrated five decades of love and togetherness with the same music as they danced on their wedding night!

Wc: 140 characters

In response to Twiterring tale # 40, hosted by Kat of Tell a story on the given prompt in 140 characters or less.



37 thoughts on “The Dance!”

  1. It’s beautiful & instilled warm feelings feelings as I read it Radhika! It is definitely a challenge for me to to stick to a particular number of words… You’re so talented to compose something so lovely!:)

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  2. Love never grows old. Like wine it only gets sweeter. When the frail hands stops feeling the other, when they wobble instead of walk and have to see the love in their partner’s eyes through thick glasses, and yet walking hand and hand with a ‘lovely’ smile and in this case dance on their wedding night – is so beautiful.
    So many emotions in such few words. Your short stories are as amazing as your poems, Radhika.

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      1. Yeah I am very serious when some body advise me seriously lol….
        Now I don’t know how to come out of this serious series of seriousness….
        Are you really that much serious…..Do we have any scope for serious fun in life….
        Just kidding….

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