Sidlak # 6 – Clouds



Cast a glance

at the mystic sky,

serene clouds meditating

across the expansive horizon

illuminating a pristine white aura!

Know Sidlak:

Sidlak poetry (sid/lak) is a structured poetry consisting of 5 lines with 3-5-7-9 syllables AND A COLOR. The last line must be a COLOR that describes the whole poem or the feelings of the writer.




48 thoughts on “Sidlak # 6 – Clouds”

  1. White encompasses all colours, similarly this poem encompasses the various moods. Beautifully written, Mam. And I’m happy that I learnt a new form of poetry.One doubt, is there any restriction of the syllables in the last line?

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  2. Sidlak Poetry is a new form I have heard.
    I think Radhika it would have been better if you could have given more details about it.
    But you have done justice and have written a beautiful Sidlak. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘

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  3. Beautiful lines. This is a new form for me. I have never tried my hand at haikus or tankas either. It really needs skill to express yourself in a few lines and with restrictions of syllables.

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  4. I tried this and was blinded for a few minutes, Radhika πŸ˜‰
    Lucky you, you have wisps of clouds making their way to grow and then burst to shower their blessings on the lush land below.
    A beautiful poem, enjoy!

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