Building – My story!

Once a humble abode, in the open expanse

Breathing easy, simple and steady.

With time my evolution progressed

Prosperity defined my makeover

Taking gigantic strides, standing tall,

I have now reached for the skies.

Labelled the pioneer and trendsetter,

All from my clan followed my path,

Now, surrounded and stifled all around

Alas, I once again long for the open expanse!!


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WPC – Corner

The corner is such an interesting place. It’s not an end but a bend !

Never give up! You never know what is round the corner!

Life continues to amaze us at every corner, opening new avenues!

The corner may just be your comfort zone to curl up with a book or a quiet place to reflect in solitude.

Fill in the corner of your mind with all that you love to do!

Finally let peace prevail in every corner of the world!


In the driver’s seat!



Life is a journey we all undertake. It is entirely up to us how we travel this journey. Each of us have to chart out our own course and decide the speed at which we move ahead. It is a long drive and we are the drivers of our vehicles. We all know our destination. But how we want to reach there is entirely up to us.

Do you have a plan chalked out? In this journey of life, what type of a driver are you?

1. You have studied the route, the terrain, installed a Gps . You have gone through the checklist multiple times to make sure you haven’t missed out on anything.

2. You are a take it easy driver who is not a planning freak. You would want to savour the beauty of the natural surroundings, drive along, make a pit stop to experience something new, enjoying every moment of that journey. You may ask for directions if you are lost or probably give a lift to someone enroute.

3. You just get into the car …..thrilled to be at the driver’s seat wanting to race ahead of all others on the way. You are focussed to emerge the numero uno!


Waiting to hear from you all! Have a safe drive and enjoy your journey!




The Quest!



On a quest I set out

to find the elusive

without an idea

in which direction to head!


I see myself in the mirror

but know not who resides within me

his voice I do hear often

but know not how he looks!


I hear him at times so loud and clear

while at times just a careless whisper

His blessings clear my path clean

while at times warns to tread with caution!


I try to call out to him

but never shows himself

yet never lets my belief down

when the surrender is complete!






Intricate, delicate or simple

patterns on accessories

aesthetically vintage or

elegantly modern

marvel the craftsmanship of

the goldsmith who with his

magical hands turns a lump of metal

to an exquisite piece , glittering

studded with precious stones

waiting to adorn the body

of a beautiful woman!


United India!


Differentiating between

religion, caste and colour

obliterating lessons of humanity

creating islands for himself

by the boundaries of

trivial and mindless demarcations,

drawn by the imbecilic humans,

lost in the wave of animosity

drowning love in its intensity!

But ,

I hope, our soul awakens

from the ignorant slumber

to ignite a fine ray of hope

to end this apathy

and redefine the ambit

to include brotherhood

and to leave a legacy

of a country endowed

with life without territories!



WPC – Elemental

The five elements of earth create a perfect symphony. Air, water, fire, earth and ether all play their parts to perfection in the nature’s musical orchestra. Their tempos vary depending on their moods. At times they are gentle and soft caressing the soul to a tranquil bliss. But when nature’s ire is provoked, it unleashes a tempest, the sound of which sends shivers down the entire mankind.

Let’s respect nature’s benevolence and enjoy its soulful and rejuvenating musical show!







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