WPC – Texture

The myriad hues and textures of nature

painting landscapes along the eons of time

whispering secret messages to the receptive soul

as a silent observer, enduring the pain,

of the ragged edges, harsh winds

feeling the gentle ebb of the waters

caressing the soft wisp of clouds

enjoying the fragrant scent of theΒ  flowers

foraging through green meadows

cherishing its beautiful memories created

through its treasure trove of natural fabrics

rooted deep into the earth.DSCF3420IMG_20170506_180146645IMG_20160815_111032233IMG_20170507_111022098IMG_20170507_132623608DSC02173


45 thoughts on “WPC – Texture”

  1. The essence of nature has been captured so naturally in the framework of your poem.To prove your point is an array of breathtaking pictures, that makes one forget to exhale.

    Kya baat hai……, Maan gaye!!!!

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