The Quest!



On a quest I set out

to find the elusive

without an idea

in which direction to head!


I see myself in the mirror

but know not who resides within me

his voice I do hear often

but know not how he looks!


I hear him at times so loud and clear

while at times just a careless whisper

His blessings clear my path clean

while at times warns to tread with caution!


I try to call out to him

but never shows himself

yet never lets my belief down

when the surrender is complete!





34 thoughts on “The Quest!”

  1. Certainly. Those that we try to find so hard, in life, within ourselves, or in our faith, most of the time, can only be found when we place ourselves (or heart and mind) in complete surrender.
    To me, that’s how faith or inner peace often work.
    Awesome reminder. Lovely post Radhika!
    Have a great day!

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