In the driver’s seat!



Life is a journey we all undertake. It is entirely up to us how we travel this journey. Each of us have to chart out our own course and decide the speed at which we move ahead. It is a long drive and we are the drivers of our vehicles. We all know our destination. But how we want to reach there is entirely up to us.

Do you have a plan chalked out? In this journey of life, what type of a driver are you?

1. You have studied the route, the terrain, installed a Gps . You have gone through the checklist multiple times to make sure you haven’t missed out on anything.

2. You are a take it easy driver who is not a planning freak. You would want to savour the beauty of the natural surroundings, drive along, make a pit stop to experience something new, enjoying every moment of that journey. You may ask for directions if you are lost or probably give a lift to someone enroute.

3. You just get into the car …..thrilled to be at the driver’s seat wanting to race ahead of all others on the way. You are focussed to emerge the numero uno!


Waiting to hear from you all! Have a safe drive and enjoy your journey!





56 thoughts on “In the driver’s seat!”

    1. I was like that. Wanted everything to be perfectly planned, very methodical in my approach. But over the years I have learned that it’s good to take those small pauses , probably take a detour en route. One never knows what life might treat us with!

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      1. Haha, yes I can very well relate to how you feel. Though even today I find it difficult to let go the perfectionist in me, my children have made me realize that there is beauty in imperfection too 😁. So I guess sometimes it’s never too late to change!

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  1. I am a mix of 1 &2. I used to be the more of #1 type earlier but have mellowed and follow more on the lines of #2 though a little planning is done as being a girl, I have to answer to a lot of qs to my parents before embarking on such a trip!!!! 😉

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  2. I am more of type 2. But sometimes I wonder if i am missing out on something by not being #1. Cause when you have a plan n you are more organised you do more. But as you said ..we all know the destination!

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  3. I would find myself somewhere between A and B. I do my planning but leave a little bit to chance, just so that there is an excitement and I do not overdo and then get disappointed. But whatever you are, I think safety for you and the people on the road is all that matters primarily.

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