WPC – Corner

The corner is such an interesting place. It’s not an end but a bend !

Never give up! You never know what is round the corner!

Life continues to amaze us at every corner, opening new avenues!

The corner may just be your comfort zone to curl up with a book or a quiet place to reflect in solitude.

Fill in the corner of your mind with all that you love to do!

Finally let peace prevail in every corner of the world!



54 thoughts on “WPC – Corner”

  1. Corners are oppressive as they conjure up images of ‘pushing somebody,’ the well known phrase! Yet well decorated corners look pleasant. 🙂 Love the last picture, a photographer’s delight, a rare corner that evokes inspiration!

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      1. You are most welcome ma’am.
        I really am a big fan of yours.
        I’m irregular on WordPress though,but your blog is one of my favourite place here and you are indeed a veteran,a wonderful writer and above all a person with great insight.
        There is so much to learn from you.

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