Building – My story!

Once a humble abode, in the open expanse

Breathing easy, simple and steady.

With time my evolution progressed

Prosperity defined my makeover

Taking gigantic strides, standing tall,

I have now reached for the skies.

Labelled the pioneer and trendsetter,

All from my clan followed my path,

Now, surrounded and stifled all around

Alas, I once again long for the open expanse!!


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42 thoughts on “Building – My story!”

    1. This is my perspective of the the story of a building. Once it was a small dwelling under the open sky. Now the buildings have all reached for the sky that they themselves are feeling suffocated. And they long to be back as the humble abode.
      I hope I have conveyed it well!!

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  1. Beautifully written……lovely post…
    your post has create a new thought………..
    I think you will like it.

    छोटे घर में चैन सुकूँ,सच दम बिल्डिंग में घुटता है,
    आसमान में रहता एक दिन धरती पर ही गिरता है|
    एक समय घर अपना छोटा आसमान के आँचल में,
    आज हुए हम विकसित छूते आसमान के आँचल में,
    कल तक सूरज,चाँद दिखाई देता घर के आँगन से,
    शुद्ध हवा के झोके छूकर जाते घर के आँगन से,
    आज तरसते लम्बे होकर चन्दा, सूरज दूर हुए,
    शुद्ध हवा बिन दम घुटता है,विकसित मद में चूर हुए,
    आसमान को छूती बिल्डिंग,आस-पास में जगह नहीं,
    बृक्ष का दुश्मन हम बन बैठे,हरियाली को जगह नहीं,
    वापस एक दिन आना होगा,विकसित हैं दम घुटता है,
    आसमान में रहता एक दिन धरती पर ही गिरता है|

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    1. Aapki baat hi nirali hai Madhusudan. Chutkiyo mein itni sreshtt Kavita ki rachna kar di👌👌
      Bilkul aaj in oonche imaraton ke beech sabka dum ghutha hai.
      Tarasta Hai man oos choti si aashiyane ke liye, jaha darwaza kholo to baghiya muskuraye☺️


  2. ! decent way of lifespan of expressing the desire for freshnes- Actually dependable in every vault of heaven of lifespan, Even though affecting the skies, the buildings are crying for desire of infinite around.


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