WPC – Windows

Watching the seasons pass by,

across the varying landscapes

the contrasting attire adorned by nature

the dazzling lights emanating from the  high-rise

I sit by the window

gazing  at the  world outside

and reflecting on the soul within!





Celebrations – Spirit & joy

Happy anniversary Colleen. Wishing you many more. It’s always a pleasure writing for your prompts!




time to celebrate a year

the festive spirit

haiku, tanka or haibun

poetry that brings us joy!



Resilient spirit

tough challenges accomplished

the heart swells with joy!


In response to Colleen’s poetry challenge #52 (Anniversary special) – Spirit & Joy


Sleepless Night!


Retiring to bed after a long and tiring day, I hoped to fall asleep within no time. Generally I have no problem falling asleep. But last night it appeared the sleep was upset with me for some reason and totally abandoned me without a feeling of guilt or remorse. How could it be so merciless? I have always been so respectful towards it, following a more or less diligent sleep routine. I failed to understand the reason for its ire with me!

I lay on my bed, eyes shut trying to invite the elusive sleep. I tried to divert my mind to some soothing and calming memory so that I would drift off into the dream world with ease. All my efforts of counting the sheep, reciting some chants or any other such effort was in vain! Suddenly the night appeared to be so long. I became aware of each small sound in my surrounding. The ticking of the clock, the faint sound of the movement of the fan, the dog howling somewhere, the trucks on the highway honking, the buzzing of the mosquito. I felt this was probably the first time that I had actually paid attention to these mundane sounds which probably were present every night.

My constant tossing and turning had no impact what so ever on husband dear as he seemed to be blissful in his reveries. That left me even more annoyed and irritated. I went out to watch T.V for some time but found nothing interesting. Didn’t fancy reading a book too! So went back to bed. The saga of tossing around continued. Checking the time I realised that it was only 10 minutes since I last checked the time. Isn’t it funny, when you are happily snoozing you feel the time passes by so quickly? But when awake in the middle of the night, each moment seems like eternity. Holding on to my thoughts , I finally drifted off to sleep, catching up with a few winks at around 3 in the morning only to be woken up by the blaring alarm at 5:30 AM.

Have you ever spent a night when sleep disowned you?



WPC – Layered

All of us have learnt about the caterpillar that morphs into a beautiful butterfly. It happens at its own pace and trying to hasten the process can be disastrous. Similarly life presents itself to us in multiple layers.  Its prudent not to force open them but enjoy each layer as it unfolds itself.



In response to Secretkeeper.net’s weekly writing prompt # 107, to use in a poem or flash fiction  the 5 words below.


Here is my attempt:


The thoughts are not at rest

 words fight with each other

against an emotional anguish

waging within the warring mind.


The vehement altercation goes on

refusing to follow any rules

lost in the mayhem

of strife and turmoil.


The fervid mind seeks to untangle

the impetuous mess within

picks up the pen to scribble

some magic on paper.


Verses flow gracefully

like the gentle river

calming down the torrents

poetry is truly therapeutic!


Haibun – Voice & Watch



Cleaning the cupboard this morning, I glance upon some old albums. Since the onset of digital cameras, the old pictures simply have been lying inside for a long time. Glad to have some leisure time at hand, I decide to walk down the memory lane with the many photo albums. Wiping off the fine layer of dust settled on them, I sit back to enjoy the journey ,which house a treasure trove of memories.

Flipping the pages of the album

I watch beautiful memories unfold

the sounds of joy come alive

I am lost in nostalgia

of perfect moments captured

for eternity!

In response to Colleen’s poetry challenge # 50, Voice & Watch


Daily prompt – Thorny


The thorny stem

doesn’t deter the rose

from radiating its beauty.

The petals woven so delicately

in a myriad hues, so appealing

diffusing its fragrance, so divine

swaying in the breeze, so gently.

It imparts a lesson for all

to cling on to our

hopes and dreams

steadfast and determined,

in spite of the thorns in life

to blossom with grace ,

to an embodiment of perfection!

The Storm

ic: google.com

The army of tar grey clouds

 were merciless, conquering

 the perfect blue expanse.

Heralding their arrival

with tiny pearls of missiles,

they garnered more power

pouring down in a barrage.

Howling winds unleashed their ire

followed by the thunderous roar.

The flash of the lightning

lit up the concrete dark sky.

The wrath of the torrential deluge

continued its march unabated for hours

inundating all under its blanket,

the night settled into an eerie calm.

The burst of the chirps that erupted from dripping trees,

butterflies meandering across swaying flowers

invited the sun to smile and usher daybreak.




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