Sleepless Night!


Retiring to bed after a long and tiring day, I hoped to fall asleep within no time. Generally I have no problem falling asleep. But last night it appeared the sleep was upset with me for some reason and totally abandoned me without a feeling of guilt or remorse. How could it be so merciless? I have always been so respectful towards it, following a more or less diligent sleep routine. I failed to understand the reason for its ire with me!

I lay on my bed, eyes shut trying to invite the elusive sleep. I tried to divert my mind to some soothing and calming memory so that I would drift off into the dream world with ease. All my efforts of counting the sheep, reciting some chants or any other such effort was in vain! Suddenly the night appeared to be so long. I became aware of each small sound in my surrounding. The ticking of the clock, the faint sound of the movement of the fan, the dog howling somewhere, the trucks on the highway honking, the buzzing of the mosquito. I felt this was probably the first time that I had actually paid attention to these mundane sounds which probably were present every night.

My constant tossing and turning had no impact what so ever on husband dear as he seemed to be blissful in his reveries. That left me even more annoyed and irritated. I went out to watch T.V for some time but found nothing interesting. Didn’t fancy reading a book too! So went back to bed. The saga of tossing around continued. Checking the time I realised that it was only 10 minutes since I last checked the time. Isn’t it funny, when you are happily snoozing you feel the time passes by so quickly? But when awake in the middle of the night, each moment seems like eternity. Holding on to my thoughts , I finally drifted off to sleep, catching up with a few winks at around 3 in the morning only to be woken up by the blaring alarm at 5:30 AM.

Have you ever spent a night when sleep disowned you?




76 thoughts on “Sleepless Night!”

  1. I experience it often. And when it happens, I put on the earphones and listen to music on iPod or do yoganidra meditation. Yoganidra is intact very effective when you are having a sleepless night.

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  2. I can totally completely relate to this, Radhika. Usually, I am out like a light and it seems like I have barely closed my eyes that the alarm rings, but the rare nights when I cannot seem to find my way back into the world of dreams, I try it all – counting sheep and dogs and cats until it has reached a negative number and the comfortable snores of those who have luckily been overcome by sleep is all the more irritating. I agree that doing any kind of work, even watching television becomes a chore so I am lost there, just as you were.

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  3. Absolutely true and agree with your words, Radhika cause when you just cannot sleep, time seems to pass so slowly and you are all the time tossing and turning, it is so frustrating and just you sleep and it is time to get up, and the whole day goes waste. Nice post.

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  4. Nice post Radhika about something which troubles many of us quite regularly…….you know what keeps me awake tossing side to side on many nights ? it will be funny to hear that whenever I have my stomach half empty, i mean have a very small dinner and get down to sleep, it becomes difficult for me going to the dreamland much often…:)…and on those nights generally sleep actually comes in the wee hours of the dawn…..and then it’s too late…:):)

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  5. I want this type of night everyday.. I think, sleeping is just a form of a rest.Rest can be another type.I’m searching,who was the first person decided to sleep in night..i will ask to him/her…why this stupid idea came to u?

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    1. Whoa!!!! You are the first person I have heard Nimesh, who feels this way about sleep. I feel a good sound sleep of at least 4-6 hours is very essential for the body to get to work the next day. No other form of rest makes you as refreshed as a good night’s sleep.


      1. Yeah but in nights, i don’t know why… it’s like..everything is just silent.I think,it’s game of mind and meditation.

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  6. Not just one night. I have experienced this a number of times. What I usually do is a breathing exercise that I just listen to the sound my breath. Without conscious breathing. And that helps me fall asleep. Good post! So relatable. ✌️

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  7. Insomnia could very well be counted as my phobia….Nothing freaks me out more than being unable to sleep…Fortunately, I go to sleep quickly. But there have been nights when I stayed up a bit late doing problems, and my mind remained so alert that I couldn’t even reach the shores of sleep…

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