Haibun – Eerie & Costume


The bet is to watch a horror movie versus a romantic one. I am so confident of winning the bet with my friend that I do not think twice before agreeing to the same. Alas, now I curse my luck on losing the bet. I am compelled to watch a horror movie in the cinema with her. The thought is already giving me jitters and sleepless nights. Donning a brave facade, I accompany her. The movie has a sinister touch to it. Somehow I manage to sit through most of it.  As the climax unfolds, I can literally hear my own heart pounding. Trepidation grips me. I am petrified and surrender to complete panic and fear.

Stranded in the woods

eerie sounds sends forth shivers

amidst the total darkness

ghoulish costumed skeletons emerge

my scream pierces the  silence of the theatre!


In response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge – Eerie & Costume


24 thoughts on “Haibun – Eerie & Costume”

  1. More than spooky. Terror is not the funny witches and things we decorate with…..well, I am not much into that either.😊.
    I guess I don’t understand why ? Life is frightening enough at times and my heart doesn’t want to be crushed with fear…..glad you came out well and healthy.

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  2. Radhika, what a great story. Your tanka is perfect. I hate horror movies. I can’t sleep for nights if I watch one, so I don’t! 😀 ❤

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  3. Your jitters are evident in your words, Radhika. It is strange that our mind very well is aware that the eerie events unfolding before us is just part of someone’s fictitious creation, still we are left heart pounding while chocking a scream that threatens to escape. I myself think it is waste of money and time to invest in a nightmare fantasy that will leave me looking out of eeriness in the darkness and the nooks of my own house in the quiet of the night. I, like you, can sit through endless romantic tales!

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