Birthday gift!


Our arrival into this beautiful world  must have been a momentous occasion for our family. The world into which we announce our arrival with our cry, but which brings so much elation to our family. It is a time for them to celebrate and rejoice, to revel and revere this new bundle of joy that almighty blessed them with. The day becomes special for the rest of our life.

As kids we all look forward to our birthday each year. The party, the presents, balloons, festoons, friends, the new dress ….all so perfect! The games at the party, passing the parcel, treasure hunt, balloon games, each year something new to go with the theme. How excited we are, to plan for the party and all the paraphernalia associated with it. The frenzy of opening the gifts is the highlight of the party!

The thought that struck me was, while receiving birthday gifts is a happy time for us, do we give ourselves any gift for our birthday too? Gifting ourselves can assume many forms. From learning to appreciate small everyday moments of joy, developing more positive intangible qualities, learning a new skill, exercising our will power, stepping outside our comfort zone,  there are plenty to choose from. Imagine how much one would have grown not only in physical aspects but as a person.

So this time for my birthday which just went by sometime back, I have promised myself a gift of a fitter me. Exercising my body and mind is my focus for the coming year. Hope I will be elated with my makeover by my next birthday!

Ask yourself the best gift you would like to give yourself. Let it play often in your mind. Focus on the answers you hear. Work towards its realisation and soon you would be pleasantly surprised to meet a new and better “You”!


68 thoughts on “Birthday gift!”

  1. Lovely and thoughtful post Radhika. Yes, to celebrate the day we came to this Earth is a wonderful party. To gift ourselves, now that is a beautiful idea the way you describe it. Little things each day to reach a stronger self both physically and mentally.
    Thank you

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  2. Belated Birthday wishes Mam! My Bday went just a day back and I am glad that I happened to see this beautiful post 🙂 Gifting ourselves is a wonderful thought.

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      1. I did it Mam. I am taking baby steps to be a better human that’s the gift I have gifted myself on this Bday. Thanks for the wish 🙂

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  3. Nice post Radhika. Not all birthday celebrators enjoy those kinds of preparations and celebrations. Do I give a gift to myself during a birthday? Yes, sometimes I indulge a little but nothing expensive, something I want but not necessarily need.

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  4. Belated birthday wishes to you, Radhika! What better gift to give yourself that a fitter self. The joy of feeling light on your feet is an absolute treat to your confidence. Wishing the fitter you an endorphine-rich happy and healthy days.

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  5. Happy Birthday dear Radhika. Have a wonderful year ahead with tons of happiness and cheerfulness and it is so nice to know that you want to be a slimmer you. Loved your beautiful words and post. Even I had my birthday on 24th what date are you.

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  6. First of all A Very Happy Belated Birthday Radhika! Yes life is a gift in itself. And to be thankful for this precious gift we should be a present for ourselves too by being present in present moments. It could be only achieved by staying healthy mentally, physically and emotionally. I do wish you could appreciate this gift to yourself on your next birthday. Wishing you all success 👍

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  7. Wishing you Radhika full of Best Wishes.
    Sorry I have not brought any gift as if you have gifted your own self. This is amazing. Yes it makes one think what best they can gift themselves. They will choose the best one 😋 indeed.

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  8. This post reminded of childhood and all the dreams I had as a child. I feel so strange that how different my priorities are now. And yes for this year I’m also on my fitness journey. And thank you so much for reminding me my goals and my goals as a child. Well written. 😊

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  9. Belated happy birthday to you, dear lady!!! I hope you have had a beautiful celebration☺
    The thought behind your post is such an inspiration. Being content and happy with yourself is the most positive way to celebrate your uniqueness, your struggles and your beauty!😚

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  10. And yeah as it is my 25th birthday, I have been making efforts to gift myself a summary of letters, messages, frames, photos nd finally an album depicting my achievements, what I achieved as a human, friend, son, brother and finally as n individual and as a person.

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      1. Thank you so so much Radhika.
        And yeah, I believe gifts to self are the best because no one is ina best position to know what gift we want (sometimes we just want peace on birthdays away from those loud parties and sometimes just dinner or even a coffee with our loved one). No one can understand us better than us I believe no matter how close relation you have with him/her (yes, I am an exception to this rule among 2-3 people in my life. I know my friends more than they know themselves and 2-3 people I know, they know me better than myself. So, every rule comes with exception so as this rule of nature)


      2. I am already proud of what I achieved in just 25 years of my life even though none of it is a big achievement yet, everything is small. But, I am sure next 25 years of my life will see big achievements at every step of my life. First 25 years, were foundation for success I believe. It was a gestation period and I will reap its benefits in leaps anfd bounds in next 25 years. Then again, I will gift same self gift on my birthday on my 50th birthday reflecting what further I achieved from 26-50


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