Inspiring Personalities!


What is common among…….

  • Walt Disney, Harrison Ford, Ellen Degeneres, Martha Stewart, Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Being in the wrong profession earlier, they had the courage to listen to their heart and start afresh.

  • Mother Teresa, Hellen Keller, Florence Nightingale?

These are people who believed in the art of giving and helping the lesser privileged ones, with always a smile on their face.

  • Nick Vujicic, Deepa Malik, Stephen Hawking, Helen Keller?

Despite a physical challenge, they went onto prove that once you make up your mind, nothing is impossible.

  • K. Rowling, Amitabh Bachhan, Colonel Sanders, Michael Jordon?

In spite of multiple rejections these people refused to give up and went on to become world famous.

There are many living examples of people around us displaying admirable grit and courage, fighting against adversaries to emerge champions.

How often have you come close to giving up on your dreams, how often has rejection left you heart broken, how many decisions in life have you regretted not taken? We tend to blame our failures and eventually lose faith and give up.

But the above personalities refused to be bogged down by failures and challenges. They kept their faith and marched on, in spite of the obstacles, till they realised their dreams.

How are they different from us? No, they are just like you and me. The only thing that has helped them reach the pinnacle is that they never gave up. They have qualities of humility, courage, vision, never give up attitude and always a positive outlook as their mantra for life. No matter how bleak their path ahead looked, they refused to let go of these qualities. They consider failure as a stepping stone and bounce back resilient, after a setback. That is why they are an inspiration to the entire world!

Let’s look up to them and follow our passion earnestly. Who knows, one among us will inspire many others tomorrow !!




63 thoughts on “Inspiring Personalities!”

  1. I absolutely agree.
    Nothing is impossible if you put your mind and heart into something. No matter it’s called – perseverance, courage, grit – it’s the human spirit! And it’s innate to us, sometimes we just forget we have it in us.
    Very inspiring post Radhika. Perfectly-picked examples. Awesome!

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  2. This has often crossed my mind, Radhika. To be persistent in your efforts and keep up your perseverance is a long haul but will let you touch your dreams, just it has of the great personalities. Sometimes, we get easily bogged down by our rejections and fail to take them in our stride. Thank you for the reminder, Radhika.

    Liked by 3 people

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