The Inferno!

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In response to Kat’s twittering tale # 69  . The challenge is : “This week, bringing back a stack of book titles for our challenge. Pick one title…or a few or all and tell me the story behind the words in 280 characters or less. See you at the roundup next week. Happy reading and writing! Have a great week!”

My take on the prompt:

Initially a small flickering flame, the fire soon developed into a raging inferno, blazing with all its fury, sparing none in its path, hungry, fiery, intense, exploding, scorching, on a rampage, choking the air, bellowing dark smoke in fifty shades of grey!

Letter count : 256


Haiku – Body & Close

In response to Ronovanwrites weekly challenge # 186 , the prompt words –  body & close.

Have written twin haikus for the same.


Closed eyes meditate

the body sits in penance

seeks divinity!


Under the moonlight

cradled close to your body

sparks of passion fly!


We live in a world of opposites….


Material wealth defines success

lack of it brands you a failure.

Nature gifts us with bounties

we cruelly plunder her bare.

People cling to us when the going is good

but abandon us in our bad times.

We love holding on to the past

and worry about our future.

Passing on the blame is easy

failing to take up the  responsibility, is a challenge.

Education gives us knowledge

but ignorance of values still remains.

We get so busy trying to copy our idol

that we forget to be an original.

Gadgets virtually connect us across the globe,

yet there is total disconnect in person.

Enamored by the fake facade people put on,

we fail to recognize the real inner beauty.

Chasing shallow illusionary goals

the deep meaning of life eludes us.


Daily prompt – Trill


Nestled in a valley veiled in a blanket of mist

 a gentle brook gurgles with laughter

the cool breeze brings with it  fresh woody fragrance

golden rays at dawn imbues a warm glow

wisps of clouds waft across the blue yonder

meandering butterflies whisper secrets

 birds  enjoy their flight of freedom

 the canopy of trees soothe the weary traveller

wild blooms dance in gay abandon

intense trill of the insects ring in

 the harmony of nature reverberates,

I sit in this paradise on earth

and indulge in some soul therapy!

Tanka – Transport & Exercise

In response to Elise’s weekly poetry challenge #81 using the prompt words Transport & exercise.


Transport woes persist

a gigantic exercise

manoeuvring the

serpentine vehicles lined

traffic nightmare on the roads!



CFFC – Letter V

In response to Cee’s  Fun Foto Challenge ,under the alphabet series with a twist!

This week the topic is Letter V:  Needs to start with V and have at least 6 letters

Quoting Cee : ” You can always use adjectives and adverbs with a specific topic just make sure you give us the word that fits the requirements of this challenge.  Feel free to use your native language as your inspiration for this challenge, just please give us the word in your language and the english translation.  Use your imagination for this theme.  The thing is to have a lot of fun with this challenge.Let’s see how creative you can we can be on this challenge.  Have fun with this week’s challenge. ”

Here we go!

The vertical height of the Burj Kalifa is dizzying !!
Isn’t there an amazing variety on display…Take your pick 🙂
A classic vintage beauty, don’t you agree?
Bon Voyage! Where are you headed for? Vacation is always fun 🙂
The tale from Hindu Mythology  tells us that Lord Krishna tamed the venomous cobra Kalia  in the river Yamuna and quelled the fear among the people.

The Sun temple – Konark!

Magnificent, imposing, intricate, aesthetic, striking…. I fall short of adjectives to describe the beauty of the Sun temple at Konark, situated in the eastern state of Odissa, India. I had visited this medieval monument some time back and was spellbound by its architectural marvel. No wonder it has been declared a world heritage site by the UNESCO.

The name Konark is an amalgamation of two words, Kona- corner and Arka- Sun, dedicated to the Sun god. It was constructed in the 13th century in a span of mere 12 years.

It is said that, “The language of the stone defeats the language of man here”. The entire temple has been conceived as a chariot of the Sun god with 24 wheels, each about 10 feet in diameter, with a set of spokes and elaborate carvings. Seven horses drag the temple. Two lions guard the entrance, crushing elephants and beneath them is a man.  The lions represent pride, the elephants represent wealth and both of them consume man.

The base of the temple has many erotic carvings. There are sculptures of animals, dancers, musicians, warriors on horses and other mythical creatures. The three images of the Sun God are positioned to catch the rays of the sun at dawn, noon and sunset.

Today, unfortunately a huge part of it is in ruins. The government is undertaking some restoration work. In spite of this, the grandeur of the temple is worth witnessing. The stones come to life narrating their saga.  It reflects the mastermind of the architects and sculptors who envisaged it centuries ago. Sharing some of the pictures from my visit.


Micro Poetry -Play & Guess

In response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge # 67, I have written a tanka and a haiku.

The prompt words are play & guess, with the condition only to use their synonyms.



Anxiety mounting

the match poised equally

deep speculation

the long battle continues

to ink the name as winners!




Scope of mother’s love

impossible to fathom

deep rooted affair!





Adept finger tips at work

infuses life into the lumpy mould

making love to the fragile clay

soaks in the power of cosmic energy

as it dances in gay abandon on the spinning wheel

to the eclectic heavenly whistle.

It gets a perfect lift to bask in the air’s serenity

before burning in the passion of fire’s beauty

to emerge a strong and flawless piece of creation.

The riot of brush and colors splash over

outlining exquisite golden rims

to unveil  the grandeur of a masterpiece.

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